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The health and safety of WISH’s residents (“Residents”), staff and employees are of paramount importance to WISH. This page contains certain COVID-19 information for Residents and WISH’s participant schools, universities and programs (collectively, “WISH Partners”). Please check back for updates from time to time.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, WISH is adopting certain new policies and rules and/or changing, amending or modifying WISH Policies and Rules (“WISH Rules”) as may be required by the Mayor of the District of Columbia under its current or future Executive Orders, as such orders may be amended, extended or modified (collectively, the “Mayor’s Orders”), applicable Federal or District of Columbia laws (collectively, “Applicable Laws”), or good health practices, recommendations or guidelines (collectively, “Health Guidelines”), as determined in WISH’s sole discretion.

Slowing the spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19 infections require our collective efforts. Please keep apprised of, and comply with, the Mayor’s Orders, Applicable Laws and Health Guidelines during your stay in Washington, D.C.

Mayor’s Orders. We bring to your attention that all Residents, as temporary residents of, or while conducting activities in, the District of Columbia, are subject to the Mayor’s Orders. For your convenience, the Mayor’s Orders presently include the following:

2020-053 – Closure of Non-Essential Businesses

2020-054 – Stay at Home

2020-058 – Retail Food Sellers

2020-063 – Extension of Stay at Home

2020-066 – Further Extension of Stay at Home

Current information regarding the D.C. Mayor’s Orders may be found at and information regarding D.C. and COVD-19 may be found at

Temporary Housing Rule Changes. WISH’s rules for all of its Residents in all of WISH’s buildings (“Buildings”) are temporarily changed as follows:

  1. Building Visitors. Residents are not be permitted to have any visitors, including, without limitation, family members or significant others in any WISH Building (including in such Resident’s unit, room or assigned space).
  2. Building Common Areas. “Common Areas” include, Building entrances, lobby areas (“Lobby”), mailboxes, halls, elevators, stairwells, laundry areas, meeting/study or conference rooms (“Meeting Rooms”), parking areas, any exterior portions of the Building or WISH property for ingress/egress or that may be reasonably used or accessed by Residents. WISH may close or restrict use of certain Common Areas, including the Lobby and Meeting Rooms. Residents must comply with any such closures or restrictions.
  • Building Deliveries. All Building deliveries, including without limitation, food, mail or other personal deliveries (e.g., Door Dash, Postmates, Federal Express) to any Resident’s interior apartment unit or room is prohibited. Residents are required to accept all in-person deliveries at the front entrance of the Building (or as WISH may from time to time otherwise require) and Residents are required to make prior arrangements with the delivery personnel to comply with this requirement.
  1. Sickness Protocol. All Residents are required to have a written Sickness Protocol reasonably acceptable to WISH while living in WISH Buildings and to provide a copy to WISH. Further information can be obtained from WISH (
  2. Mask Requirements in Common Areas. All Residents are required to wear a mask or nose and mouth face covering in all Common Areas of the Buildings. Guidance regarding such masks may be found at:
  3. Mayor’s Orders. All Residents must keep apprised of, and comply with, the Mayor’s Orders and Applicable Laws.
  • Residents Exhibiting Symptoms of Transmissible Infectious Disease or having a Confirmed COVID-19 Diagnosis. Any person permitted to enter any Building (including any Resident) must avoid entering if they are exhibiting a symptom of any transmissible infectious disease such as a cough, fever, and runny nose of have a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. Any such Resident is required to comply with its Sickness Protocol.
  • Social Distancing Requirements. Residents must keep apprised of, and comply with, Social Distancing Requirements (as defined in the Mayor’s Orders) while in or about any Building or Building Common Areas or during any repairs or maintenance to such Resident’s unit or assigned space.
  1. Large Gatherings. Residents are prohibited from arranging, organizing or attending Large Gatherings (as defined in the Mayor’s Orders) in any Building or in any Resident’s room, unit or assigned space.
  2. Building Move-in/Move-out. Residents must comply with the Building move-in/move-out procedures which may be implemented or modified by WISH from time to time, including without limitation, scheduling times for such move-in/move-out by Residents.
  3. Laundry Rooms. Residents must comply with any Laundry Room rules or procedures which may be implemented or modified by WISH from time to time, including without limitation, scheduling times for Laundry Room use by Residents.
  • Closure of WISH Office. The WISH office will be closed for all in-person visits or in-person business, except essential business as determined by WISH in advance in its sole discretion and subject to any office visit procedures that WISH may require.

We understand and apologize for the inconvenience caused by the temporary changes to WISH’s Rules.  These WISH Rules changes reflect the minimum requirements for your health and safety. If your particular Building or school program requires you to observe more stringent rules, you must comply with the more stringent requirement. Please use common sense and common courtesy. Since the COVID-19 situation remains fluid, WISH may, from time to time, make further changes, amendments or modifications to the WISH Rules or WISH’s Policies. These WISH Rules changes will remain in effect until further written notice from WISH.

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