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Shazad H.

Kennesaw State University

“Having some influence even as an intern is amazing.”

Nicholas W.

Delta St. University

“The development and the opportunities I’ve obtained have been remarkable.”

Carmen D.

California State University, Northridge

“To live on the Hill and work on the Hill… I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

WISH Diversity Statement

Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) is committed to creating an inclusive residential community and work environment that values and embraces the diversity of all its residents, interns, and employees. We aspire to develop an appreciation and respect for race, ethnicity, national origin, ability, age, citizenship status, cultural background, gender identity and expression, political ideology, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and military status.

WISH is dedicated to providing an inclusive environment where all members are free from harassment, verbal or written abuse, threats, bullying, ridicule, intimidation, cyber-bullying, or violence because of their identity. We will not accept fear, ignorance, apathy, indifference, religious bias, anger, alcohol or substance abuse as an excuse, reason, or rationale for such behavior.

We believe that an understanding and respect of our human differences and distinctions are fundamental to fostering an inclusive environment. It is the responsibility of every member of the WISH community, staff and residents alike, to work to create and maintain such an environment. WISH is dedicated to recruiting, hiring, promoting, and retaining a staff that supports the diversity of our residential community and upholds our values and goals. We encourage all members within our community to make informed personal choices, hold each other accountable, and constructively challenge any injustices.

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to Employment Career Night


Becoming Your
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Free Networking Events

Pentagon Tour


Resume & Cover Letter Workshop


Monuments By Moonlight

Independence Day

Movie Night


GWU Presents: The Challenges Of Congress

National Freedom

National Freedom Day


LinkedIn Professional Headshot Photoshoot

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Happy Hour

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