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Your intern’s security is our priority. WISH ensures a safe environment round the clock. Whether it’s late-night arrivals or general concerns, our dedicated staff is here to guarantee a secure stay.


Your intern’s peace of mind matters. WISH offers top-notch security features, ensuring their belongings and well-being are protected day and night. Experience a worry-free stay with our comprehensive security measures.


Quality living doesn’t have to break the bank. WISH provides affordable housing solutions without compromising on comfort. Enjoy a cost-effective stay in the heart of D.C., where your intern’s budget meets quality living.

24/7 Assistance

We know your intern may need some assistance, WISH staff is always available and accessible to help. Whether it be a package delivered to our office while they are at work or they lose a key. 24/7 Emergency help is available at WISH.

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Building Bonds Beyond Campus

WISH Community Sparks Lifelong Friendships And Professional Connections!

Students make lifelong friends and colleagues when they’re engaged in the WISH community. There are opportunities to meet and network with peers during free WISH events and explore what the city has to offer.
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Nurturing Futures

WISH Interns Connect With Alumni Mentors For Career Insight And Networking!

Interns network and learn from those who have been in their shoes. WISH alumni stay involved and engage students on how to turn their internship experience into future jobs.
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Experience the Capital Life: Affordable
Living in D.C. Awaits!


At WISH Interns are our #1 Priority


Wish Housing Is Near Internship Sites Throughout The City

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Wish Housing Provides Events To Enhance Networking And Professional Skills That Leads To Jobs
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Wish Housing Provides Fully Furnished Housing Complete With Roommates!
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Wish Housing Is Located In The Same Neighborhood As Members Of The Us House Of Representative And Us Senate, You Never Know Who You Will Run Into
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Wish Housing Staff Is Available For Emergencies 24/7/365
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Wish Housing Has Classroom Spaces If Students Need Them For Exams Or Study Groups
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Wish Housing Is Metro Accessible
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Wish Housing Has Built Relationships With Capitol Hill Ambassadors And Capitol Hill Police Department Who Regularly Patrol The Area.

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Prominent neighbors living among members of Congress and Staff

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