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Student Accommodation in Washington DC: A Checklist for Interns
October 5, 2023
Student Accommodation In Washington DC

Student’s accommodation in Washington DC for their stay can be an overwhelming experience. Students can get nervous and make the wrong choice for their accommodation. A wrong choice of accommodation can impact the internship experience and contribute to stress. It can take a toll on your internship experience. Therefore, a checklist must be established, which can be used as a litmus test for filtering out accommodations and choosing the most desirable one. We are here to help you with setting a checklist that can help ease your accommodation woes.

You should have a clear-cut budget in your mind before opting for accommodation. It can be overwhelming initially, so you must set fixed budgets. Moreover, you must include the cost of living in your housing budget. It can include utilities, food, transportation, etc.

Half of the internship accommodations woes are because of the wrong residence location. You must opt for a residence that is near your workplace/internship. It will save ample time, which you would otherwise spend on commuting. It can help give you more time to explore the city and get aligned with the internship experience.

An important step is to decide which housing type would be best suited for you; there are usually three types of available accommodations:

  • Dormitories
  • Apartments
  • Shared housing.

It can depend upon budgets, living with friends, or enjoying a collective stay with like-minded people. It is up to you to decide if you wish to have a dorm, a single apartment, or a shared living space. If you plan to intern with a close friend, a shared space can be a good option. If you wish to have an individual internship experience, a single apartment has you covered. You should hunt down accommodations based on this factor.

Having a detailed overview of available facilities at your accommodation is essential. You must check out basic necessities like water, plumbing, and electrical works, which are all good and fine. Moreover, if you want additional facilities like a gym, recreational area, etc., in your desired building, you can also inquire about it.

It is a crucial factor to be kept under consideration. Transportation options must be close to your residence; it will help in enhancing your internship experience. Moreover, the accommodation site in Washington DC must be accessible and easy to commute. It should be close to public transport, and biking or walking to the workplace must be convenient. It will be a rewarding experience if you have accessibility options and quick transportation access. The internship experience will improve and effectively contribute to exploring the city and cultural connectivity.

You must be proactive and skim through the place of your desired residence. It should be an amiable neighborhood and a secure location. You can check out the latest crime statistics to get an insight into the safety of your desired location. Moreover, your accommodation in Washington, DC should be safe; it must have all the necessary locking systems and active surveillance systems to ensure your protection.

Yes, you must gear up to start finding your residence at the earliest. If you delay it, someone else might get your desired accommodation in Washington, DC. You should go through online classifieds and contact a reputable accommodation provider to finalize your desired accommodation. You must check online reviews about your service provider and ensure you are in the right hands.

Getting a top-notch and desired accommodation is a hard bargain. It can take a lot of your time, effort, and energy. This checklist can help you find a reasonable accommodation and help you find a desired accommodation. Once you have decided to consult a reputable accommodation provider, you can take the back seat and let them find the place for you along with your checklist.

If you have any questions regarding housing issues for your internship in Washington, DC, feel free to ask us. Our years of experience helping students with a secure and desired residence can help clear your worries and help you find a place of your choice. Moreover, if you want to inquire about housing technicalities or need clarification, feel free to get in touch. We are readily available to help ease your accommodation woes while you enjoy your internship experience.