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Navigating the Capital: A Guide to Washington DC Intern Housing
October 4, 2023
A Guide to Washington DC Intern Housing

Is there any better place other than the national capital for internships? The answer would be NO. A center of policy-making, governance, cultural integration, and business, it is a perfect place for aspiring young and talented individuals seeking internship opportunities. This glamorous and enchanting experience of internships in Washington, DC is challenging and could be troublesome if you cannot get suitable housing options. Finding the right place offers convenience and a relaxed state of mind while you enjoy the brand-new internship experience.

So, to help you with your housing woes, we have decided to take you through the intern housing in Washington, DC. Different types of housing options are available, including shared and individual housing. There are popular neighborhoods where the internees can stay and have multiple budgetary options. There is something for everyone in the Washington DC intern housing landscape. There are different housing options available for interns in Washington, DC.
Dormitories: these are dorm-styled housing settings provided by different educational institutes. For instance, if you plan to intern for a university or their research facility, chances are you would be getting this kind of housing.
Apartments: These are the most commonly used housing options utilized by interns. It is more private than dorms, and one can enjoy an independent lifestyle during the internship.
Shared housing: A modified form of apartment living where individuals can come up and collectively live at a place. It can be handy if more friends or acquaintances plan to attend an internship together. Moreover, it is cost-effective and enhances your internship experience with like-minded individuals. There are dozens of locations that are attraction sites for interns. The capital city is already a hub of decision-making and a continuous working culture; interns can take full advantage of it. Interns can choose the neighborhoods which they deem fit as per their needs. Some of these locations include
DuPont Circle: it is close to Downtown offices and can be a great choice if someone wishes to attend an internship in that locality.
⦁ Capitol Hill, near the capitol building, is best for the interns planning to opt for a congressional internship.
Foggy Bottom: this location is close to Washington University and is near to the state department. Interns planning to intern near those places can check them out and plan their stay accordingly. Always ensure you have done ample research before choosing your residence. The proximity of your internship should be close to your residence. Moreover, you must keep following things on your checklist.
Community: to ensure you reside among like-minded individuals and your internship experience is improved with their presence.
Convenience: the location of your internship should be close to your residence. It will have the same time, energy, and travel costs, which can be utilized for socializing or exploring the city.
Amenities: to ensure you don’t have to worry about basics and running into electric or plumbing issues. There should be thorough amenities available for you during your stay.
Budget and affordability: since most interns are either enrolled students or just finished college/high school, they should focus on housing pricing and ensure they are getting an affordable and convenient place for their internship period.
Safety and security: as most interns are not residents of Washington DC, they should take care of the security of their residence. It should be safe, sound, and properly managed. Finding a perfect and well-suited residence can often be more complicated than finding an internship. Here are some suggestions to help you with housing woes in Washington, DC.
⦁ Start early
⦁ Explore online resources and classifieds.
⦁ Check out housing service providers and get quotes.
⦁ Consult with the university/workplace resource person.
⦁ Skim through online reviews.
⦁ Ask friends and family who had similar internship experiences.

One can land at the right place to navigate the intern housing landscape with dedicated help. Considering the abovementioned factors, one can plan and shortlist the housing for their internship in Washington, DC. An expert service provider can help take care of your woes. Always start as early as possible; otherwise, you may run out of desirable places.

WISH helps students get premium and top-notch residences during their internship. We provide fully furnished, secure, and eventful residences for your internship experience. If you wish to have a tailored, best-suited place for your internship period, do not hesitate to contact us to enhance your internship in Washington, DC. We are readily available to help you improve your internship experience.