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WISH Newsletter: Things To Do

Things to do
Apollo to the Moon  (Ongoing Exhibition)
Explore the boundless freedom of space flight in this exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum. Experience the F-1 engine that powered Saturn 5 rockets and a replica of the Skylab 4 Command Module which proved humans could survive extended periods of time in a zero gravity environment. Also on display is a replica of the Lunar Roving Vehicle, which allowed astronauts to travel up to 57 miles on the moon’s surface and the original space suits worn by the Apollo 11 astronauts!
Where: Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
Admission: Free
Learn about the methods used by conservationists at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery to restore artwork that has been damaged by time, the elements, and by human negligence. This facility includes several laboratories, an exhibit of restored work, and treasure hunts for those looking for a more in depth experience of American Art.
Where: Smithsonian American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery
Admission: Free
Explore the history of competition and partnership of the United States and China in this Smithsonian Exhibit. This exhibit includes both pre and post Chinese cultural revolution memorabilia to shed light on the many changes that have occurred in the country over the last century.
Where: Smithsonian Postal Museum
Admission: Free
Orchid Symphony (Ongoing Exhibition)
Come to this once in a lifetime exhibit at the National Botanical Gardens. Check out numerous plants treated to grow into the shapes of musical instruments! Also enjoy a rare exhibit of orchids from around the world that include those from the jungle, desert, and those used in cooking and medicine.
Where: National Botanical Gardens
Admission: Free
Francophone Cultural Festival  (March 1 – April 15)
Learn about French culture and French-speaking countries through a variety of concerts, theatrical performances, films, culinary tastings, literary salons, children’s workshops, and more. Where: see website for venue locations
Tickets: $5 – $20 depending on the event
“Workt By Hand”: Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts (Ongoing Exhibition though April 27)
Learn about the shifting cultural status of this artistic medium. This exhibition explores issues such as anonymity versus authorship, craft versus fine art, and the “hidden labor” that reflects the lack of recognition women received for this art form.
Where: National Museum of Women in the Arts
Admission: Free
Washington Jewish Film Festival (Ongoing through March 9)
This celebration of Jewish history through cinema is one of the largest in North America. These films come from a variety of locations across the world and represent the diversity of the Jewish people. Most films include a discussion by a filmmaker after the show.
Where: see website for venue locations
Tickets: $12-$15 per ticket

Early Video Pioneers: Videofreex with Portapax (March 9)

Video cameras known as Portapax arose in the late 1960’s and provided ambitious young artists with a technology unknown until that time: instant video playback. This was just one step in many that has lead to digital film technology that we have today. This film illustrates some of the pioneers in the development of community television, the founders of the first pirate TV station, and interview with the Videofreex collective.
Where: National Gallery of Art
Admission: Free
Italian soprano Martina Bortolotti and Ukranian Pianist Alina Kiryayeva perform a selection
of operatic works.
Where: Smithsonian American Art Museum Atrium
Admission: Free
This diverse showcase of theatrical expression from 19 different countries showcases entertainment from award-winning puppetry to theatrical performances of old classics
Where: see website for venue locations
Tickets: start at $20
Come to the D.C. Verizon Center in Chinatown to experience Washington Wizards basketball! Watch as Eastern Conference All-Star John Wall battle to keep the Wizards ahead this season.
Where: D.C. Verizon Center (Chinatown Metro)
Tickets: start at $10
Security Council Simulation (March 14 – 15)
The Osgood Center offers a program that focuses on the only United Nations body capable of creating binding legislation – the Security Council. On March 14-15, participants will engage as representatives of the 15 Security Council Member States in discussion of issues such as: The Situation in the Middle East; Food Insecurity and Conflict; and The Rights of Children in Armed Conflict. Model United Nations is an exciting way for students to learn about the cutting edge issues in international affairs and increase their awareness of different systems of government, international law, and international organizations, while gaining valuable researching, public speaking, and decision-making skills. to register and for more information.
Where: see website for location information
Admission: $85 per student
This 26.2 or 13.1 kilometer marathon is an annual D.C. staple that traverses the U.S. Capitol, White House, Washington Monument, and more! Live bands and cheer squads culminate to a post-race finish line concert!
Where: RFK Stadium
Registration: $50
This parade along Constitution Avenue constitutes a celebration of Irish culture in the United States since 1971. Come and enjoy parade floats, bands, and dancers in this annual D.C. staple.
Where: Constitution Avenue
Admission: Free
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