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What to Look for in Short Term Intern Housing to Make Your Stay Great
June 22, 2017
What to Look for in Short Term Intern Housing to Make Your Stay Great

The keys to choosing the right intern housing

When you’re interning away from home, short term, temporary housing is a necessary evil. It makes a lot more sense than subletting, and it’s definitely a better choice than looking for a questionable apartment from Craigslist, doesn’t it?

While you are staying in a new city as many interns do, it’s a good idea to think about what features and amenities you want most.

Below is a breakdown of what to look for in your intern housing to make your stay a great one.

Location, Location, Location!

There are plenty of features to look for in intern housing, but the most important of all is location.

As an intern in Washington, you want your housing to be conveniently located to work. You definitely do not want to be schlepping across the city twice a day at rush hour. Look at the address of the building you are considering and see how close it is to your office or the metro station.

Note where transportation is too. You’ll want to explore the city and public transport is cheap and easy. Look at the location of other recreational spots like museums, parks and great eateries.

What kind of housing do you prefer?

Cities like DC have a mix of classic row houses, apartment buildings and modern luxury condos. Like ice cream, they each have their own flavor. Pricing and amenities will vary and the vibe will be different. You decide!

The social side of things

If you stay in intern or student housing only, you’ll be among your peers. That leads to a more fun social life as well as a safer environment. Ask if there are social and professional development events where you can network. After all, isn’t that what you came to DC for?

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Your peers may be more tolerant and you’ll make new friends, often for life.

You want it to be fully furnished

A fully furnished apartment relieves you of the time and expense of buying furniture, pots and pans and the backbreaking loading and unloading. Instead you can just unpack your suitcase, kick back and relax from the first day that you move in. Ask what is included and what isn’t.

Get real about which amenities matter most

When you’re looking at intern housing amenities, it helps to be realistic about what matters and what doesn’t. It’s nice to have amenities like a gym, a business center, an outdoor pool and a lounge area at your disposal, but how often will you have time to use any of that?

If those features are important to you, that’s one thing, but don’t get caught paying for amenities that you don’t even use once during your entire stay.

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Locate the laundry

Another feature that should not be overlooked is the ever-elusive washer and dryer. It’s best when your housing comes equipped without having to go to the laundromat. Some people don’t mind washing clothing at a community location, but it’s convenient to get laundry done right in the comfort of your temporary rental.

Security and emergency contacts

Choose intern housing that has 24-hour security, with a front office that will respond in case of emergency. Some intern housing is in smaller houses which don’t have a front desk, but should have an emergency contact that responds just in case you lose your key. Ask about that.

Your rental should have WiFi. No exception.

As an intern, you need free, reliable access to a high-speed connection. We all know how attached we are to our devices. It’s a disaster to have to leave your housing to access the Internet and that can make for an miserable stay.

Use this list as a starting point, but keep an open mind. When you find the right intern housing, you’ll know.