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Warm Weather Good Eats for the D.C. Intern

Whelp, there’s no point denying it now: we’re in the heart of winter, people!  I get that winter can be depressing for a lot of people, but when you’re a homebody like me (more specifically a kitchenbody), the winter just means plenty of great time for culinary exploration!  Not to mention all the heavy coats hide those extra pounds that gruyere might put on…

If you’re like me, when the weather’s cold, you crave warm food and drink like no other.  So here’s a short list of D.C.’s best warm treat spots!  Enjoy!

DCity Smokehouse
DCity Smokehouse

Barbecue! Here at the DCity Smokehouse, “The Brisket Squad” as they call themselves, is ready to serve you up the hottest, tastiest barbecue of your life.  Started by a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (and a son of Texas), the DCity Smokehouse hosts a slew of delicious meats, including the “Meaty Palmer” sandwich (named the best sandwich in DC 2014).

My personal pick?  The DC House Smoke Sandwich.  (Two kinds of cheese!)

the sweet lobby 1The Sweet Lobby

Cupcakes, macarons, and European-style hot chocolate.  Mmm!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.   The owner of The Sweet Lobby, Dr. Winette McIntosh, is an early winner on Food Network’s show “Cupcake Wars” (which I may or may not have TiVoed…), and also holds degrees in Biomedical and  Chemical Engineering from John’s Hopkins and MIT respectively.  That’s some serious baking, folks.

bubandpopswarmsandwichesBub and Pop’s

Your sandwich and soup stop is here folks.  Bub and Pop’s is a relatively new establishment (opened early 2013), but it’s already taking the DC scene by storm.  The reviews are fantastic, the prices aren’t bad, and the seasonal chowder is drool-worthy.  Inspired by Philadelphia sandwich culture, Bub and Pop’s brings you the best bread, meat and cheese has to offer – all hot and toasted!


So that’s that!  A few places to keep in mind the next time you’ve got the chills.  I, for one, am going to be making a piping hot lasagna the second I’m done with this article.  It’s only 9 AM, but in my house, lasagna definitely counts a brunch…


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