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D.C. Living Brings Appreciation for the Metro for WISH Intern
July 13, 2022
D.C. Living Brings Appreciation for the Metro for WISH Intern

My time in D.C has definitely been an experience that I will not forget! I have been to many different places, but none that I think could compare or relate to the atmosphere or way of D.C. living. I think that the most intimidating part of being here was figuring out the Metro and just relying on public transportation in general, but it does get easier with time. WISH’s locations are all located within walking distance from a WMATA Metro station, which made it much easier to get around. On Capitol Hill, where I lived, interns can walk to the metro at Eastern Market, Capitol South, and Union Station. WISH’s Woodley Park location is right across the street from the Woodley Park station, and the Chinatown Rowhouse is a short walk from the Gallery Place/Chinatown station. This makes it so convenient for residents to get to work and explore everything that D.C. has to offer!

During my time here, there were still moments where I missed the convenience of having a car, but I feel that it was so important and beautiful to experience walking around and being able to look at the details of everything. I don’t think I would have paid as much attention to the little things, like the beautiful parks, federal architecture, and local coffee shops of Capitol Hill,  if I were going past in a car.

My favorite part of being here and working with WISH as the photography and graphic design intern, was the people I’ve met and the events that were held. I have made so many new connections and gained experience that would have been unlikely otherwise. I have met people from all the way across the country and some internationally!  I have learned a lot from them and their experiences. My time here and the lessons and experiences gained will last a lifetime.

About Brieonna Williams

Brieonna Williams is a Junior studying graphic design at York College of Pennsylvania. She worked as the WISH photography and graphic design intern for summer 2022.