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Celebrate The Amazing You On Administrative Professionals Day

Celebrate the Amazing You on Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative staff may not get stock options or get a key to the executive washroom, but they play a key role in the workings of every company.

Administrative tasks seem to be an inherent part of every internship. You may have even discovered some new administrative responsibilities since you began (office environments can be sneaky that way). So, whether you have found yourself taking minutes at every meeting or lining your boss’s birdcage with yesterday’s expense reports, you absolutely qualify as an administrative professional. Why not take Administrative Professionals Day, April 26th, to celebrate the amazing you!

History of Administrative Professionals Day

Acknowledging the enormous contribution to the war effort of these amazing, hard-working people began after WWII by the National Secretaries Association.

The association has evolved into the more inclusive International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) we know today, and still celebrate one America’s lesser-known but nonetheless important holidays. But don’t expect a day off!


Splurge On a New #OOTD

It’s a rude awakening for anyone when they first find out that “campus casual” and “business casual” is not the same thing, unless you work at Facebook. In fact, they’re on entirely opposite ends of the spectrum where fashion is concerned.

Take this opportunity to splurge on a few classic, versatile wardrobe pieces like a sleek black blazer or a white silk shirt that you’ll be able to build your future work wardrobe on, and go from the conference table to the café table. Read our post on how to dress well on a budget and How to dress for a summer internship in DC

Indulge in the Lost Art of Letter-Writing

Any personal wellness coach will tell you that one of the key elements of a well-rounded, happy life is regular contact with those you love. Most will tell you to call at least one friend or family member each day, but why not go a little above and beyond that? When was the last time you put pen to paper for something that was not related to work or school?

Celebrate yourself by sending personal updates and thoughtful greetings to your parents or your besties back home. Tell them how much you miss them, of course, but don’t forget to express pride in your own accomplishments. It doesn’t have to be boastful, but you’ve worked hard for the opportunity to celebrate those victories. This may come as a surprise, but guess what – they’ve been dying to receive something like this from you.

Add Something Fresh to Your New Home

Intern housing is almost always a blank canvas. Why not let your personality shine through in your décor?

You may have to be a little choosy to ensure that you won’t damage the walls or flooring, but with a little creativity, you can make your temporary housing feel more like home.

Celebrate yourself on Administrative Professionals’ Day with new linens or a colorful area rug. If you’d prefer to add a dash of actual life to the space, go for something low maintenance. Succulents have become wildly popular once again, and who could pass on these adorable DIY terrariums?


Do Something – Anything – That You Enjoy

Intern life in DC is hectic and stressful. You’re being evaluated on every move you make, so if you’re feeling the burnout that goes along with that kind of micromanagement, perhaps National Administrative Professionals Day is the perfect excuse to give yourself that much-needed downtime and a self pat on the back.

DC has so much to offer. Here are a few articles with places to go for free or practically free where you can relax, get outside or spend an afternoon in one of our amazing museums.

Guide to DC nightlife or Buddy date ideas or if you have a canine friend

In any role, every employee is an asset. Celebrate your worth. You’ve earned it!

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