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How To Have An Amazing Time In DC: An Intern Guide

How to Have an Amazing Time In DC: An Intern Guide

Best Things to Do DC

Be an insider in DC: Where we eat, drink and go

Did you know Washington D.C. was voted one of the top 10 cities for millennials in the country by Forbes in 2016? It’s a big city, and many interns finding themselves here for the first time are overwhelmed. Here’s how to have an amazing time in DC and live life like an insider.

D.C. has a lot to offer besides politics – it has a rich history, a world of museums to discover, inspiring monuments, hot nightlife and of course there’s the sensational cherry blossom season.

A typical 3-month internship can go by in the blink of an eye, so we’ve provided a roundup of the places we love best so you don’t miss a beat on Capitol Hill.


Where to Eat in DC

District Taco

What started as a taco cart in Rosslyn has now expanded to more than handful of restaurants throughout the greater D.C. area. Their quest is to spread ‘mom’s recipes’ home-cooked Mexican cuisine. Visit the website for locations

201 Bar

“Capitol Hill’s best-stocked living room” – 201 Bar is the best place to hang out with a elevated feel. Pizza, tater tots

Their Instagram page

201 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Washington, DC

Bull Feathers

This all-American food joint got its name, “bullfeathers”, to explain absurdities and frustrations of life, and its whole purpose is to wipe it away, and instead infuse some happiness and fun into your life. OK – it may not fix all your life’s problems but you will have a great evening. Visit their website

401 1st St. SE, Washington, D.C.

Best Things to Do DC

Tortilla Coast

Awesome juicy margaritas, fresh and authentic Mexican fare, cool ambiance, need we say more? Oh, yes, this eatery was the place Ted Cruz met with constituents over tacos during the Government shutdown in 2015, coining the phrase “tortilla Coast Caucus.” Visit the website

Acqua Al 2

For special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, or when your parents are coming into town and footing the bill, head to Acqua Al 2. The original restaurant in Florence, Italy brought back all its Italian charm and the amazing food to boot. Romantic lighting and out-of-this-world food awaits.

How to Have an Amazing Time In DC where to drink

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Where to Drink in DC

Harold Black

For something a little dark, a little romantic, a little speakeasy-viby, and a bit more dressed up than your average dive bar, head to Harold Black. Expect incredible drinks and intimate conversation.

212 7th St. & S North Carolina Ave. Washington, D.C.


A little bit of class and a little bit of sass perfectly describes this cool bar. Come for brunch or a fun night out and grab a bucket o’ chicken and a bottle of champagne (yes this place has it all).

613 Pennsylvania Ave. SE Washington, D.C.

Best Things to Do DC

Biergarden Haus

Have a mini Oktoberfest any time of year. Taste some spaetzle and schnitzel at this fun spot! Tuesday night is trivia night at Biergarten Haus! Things kick off at 8pm. Wear your Lederhosen.

1355 H St. NE Washington, D.C.

What to do (for free) in DC


Walk the National Mall

They don’t call it America’s front yard for nothing! Washington may have the greatest museums all in one place. The mall is actually a national park, so admission is always free. Bring comfy walking shoes (it’s really BIG!) and prepare to be amazed. You’ll need at least a day or more to explore the many museums and monuments.

Visit the monuments by moonlight for a breathtaking experience, walk around the Tidal basin, or stand with your back to the 555-foot Washington monument and look up!

Download your Mallmap of the museums

See the Botanical-gardens-for an amazing time in DC

Commune with Nature at the Botanic Garden

Talk about one of the oldest and most prestigious Botanic Gardens in North America, you will have a day of awe where you can view, photograph and sketch the plants of the garden. George Washington, an avid plant enthusiast himself, had a vision of this 200 years ago. He wanted to emphasize the importance of plants on American life.


Rent a bike and explore

At Capitol Bike Share, hop on your own transport and ride around DC. Capitol Hill has many miles of extraordinary things to see. Designed by the same guy that designed Paris, DC is a series of interconnected hubs. perfect for exploring. OK, bike rental isn’t free, but it’s almost.

Art at the Fringe

Accessible art, street art and events take place in this hidden spot — all you have to do is find it. Get involved in hands on workshop and view the city’s coolest graffiti, group shows, art displays and more.

The Anderson House

Want to experience an afternoon like the rich and famous? That’s right, on select days and hours, you can visit the Anderson House, a National Historic Landmark and property of the Society of the Cincinnati, who preserve the memories of the patriots who built our country.

Theodore Island

Bike, stroll, run or walk in this wilderness preserve dedicated to the president who found his own nirvana in the wilderness, Theodore Roosevelt. Spanning 91 acres, this wooded island is the perfect semi-getaway that has gorgeous views of Georgetown University and the Kennedy Center for a nice day outside.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

This annual event is held for two weeks every summer around the Fourth of July. It’s billed as “an international exposition of living cultural heritage.” Learn about other cultures, listen to great music, learn a new skill and get a nice tan.

The DEA’s remarkable bong collection

You read that right. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has no doubt collected some interesting paraphernalia over the years, and in this creative display at the DEA Museum, you can view some of its collection. 

Friday evening jazz under the stars

If you are here during the warmer months, every Friday afternoon beginning at 3 p.m. from May to September, you can listen to jazz under the stars. The Jazz in the Garden Series is hosted in the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden.

Shop and eat at Eastern Market

D.C.’s oldest continually operated fresh food public market is Eastern Market, where you can enjoy live music, local farm-fresh produce, handmade arts, jewelry and crafts from more than 100 merchants, right along with us locals.

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