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Advice From WISH Alum: Intern To Get Job Offer
Inter career training at WISH, DC.

Advice from WISH Alum: Intern to Get Job Offer

You’ve made it! You are here in the heart of the Nation’s Capital interning and taking foundational steps to catapult your career. Now what? Take pointers from someone who was in your shoes, WISH Alums. Every semester we encourage WISH residents to make the most of their time in Washington, D.C. We hosted our Career Night with a panel composed of WISH Alum who now have jobs in DC. If you missed it, here are our 3 pieces of advice from Career Night and the list of WISH Alum Panelist.


Alum Panelist

Casey Cappelletti – Asst. Director of Policy & Communications for Academy of Radiology & Biomedical Imagery Research

Lucinda Borque – Special Assistant for the Department of Homeland Security

Teresa Cardenas – Legislative Researcher for CQ Roll Call

Victoria Rametta – leads Non-Profit and Political Strategy at American Action Network

José Hernandez – Business Development Coordinator at NERA Economic Consulting

N’Dea Rackard – Office of Congressman Sanford Bishop Jr.

3 Pieces of Advice


YES opens doors. Say yes to the small tasks and be the first to volunteer for those roles that are unfilled. You can encounter great opportunities by becoming that “go to intern” for getting things done. Positive outcomes are the result of saying yes.


Do not be afraid to make mistakes and take risks. This is the perfect time for you to take chances and learn from your mistakes.  While interning now, you can learn and do so much but sometimes that means being comfortable with accepting the failures. Most interns never get the full experience because of the fear of getting it wrong. Well, now is the most opportune time to do so.


Ask the person in your dream role for a meeting to discuss their job. Everyone loves to talk about themselves and their passion. You can learn extensive and valuable real-world knowledge. Most times you even get free coffee or lunch.


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