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6 Signs You’re DONE With College

6 Signs You’re DONE With College

1. You’re Too Old to Live In Dorms

It may have been fun when you first got to college, but now those awkward roommate moments (you know the ones) and general lack of personal space are getting to you. Luckily, we have some tips on how to land your first pad after graduation. Take a peak and start planning.

2. Dating Is More of a Nuisance

Not that it’s leaps and bounds better in the real world, but at least you won’t have to worry about running into your exes on campus anymore or at social events. There’s also a much wider pool to dip into, and opportunities to meet older people from all different walks of life. Not to mention, it gives you a reason to just get out more and to network. There’s no reason you can’t hit two birds with one stone.


annoying freshmen3. New Freshmen Make You Feel Old

This is kind of like the old saying, “Was I really that young once?” Only here it’s more magnified because “once” was only about three years ago. The truth is, hearing new freshman talk about how hard they partied the previous night, how hungover they are and/or which fraternity or sorority they are going to join sounds silly now – and they are sounding younger and younger everyday. Especially since your primary focus now is finding a job.

expensive text books4. You Find $200 Textbooks Preposterous

Although you may have thought it was ridiculous as a freshmen as well. According to the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, a progressive research and advocacy organization, 65 percent of college students had decided against buying a college textbook because it was too expensive. Of that group,94 percent had concerns that not having one would affect their grades. However, as a senior, you’re pretty much over all of it now.

ramen-noodle-for-college-dinner5. You’re No Longer Proud About Not Having a Life

There was a time, not too long ago, when cramming for Finals while working a part time job and living off of Ramen noodles was a red badge of courage. Now it’s a red badge of depression. You don’t want to live this way anymore and are looking forward to having a new lifestyle. One where you feel more like an adult.  Having said that, it’s still good to know where all the cheap eats in town are, especially as a recent grad. Being an adult doesn’t mean breaking your budget. It means just the opposite in fact.

A bright future after college 6. You’ve Discovered that the Keenest Eye Looks Inward

After four years of college, you’re ready to start learning some things on your own, to experience life on your terms. It’s both scary and exhilarating. Possibly more of the former but still exciting nonetheless. You’re also tired of hearing from the Doom Brigade that everything in the real world is terrible. The economy sucks, your major is not in demand, etc. They’ve been there since the beginning of higher learning and probably always will be. Getting some advice is good but constant negativity is not. You are ready to move on despite what the naysayers say. Investing in you is the best way to make that happen. Actually, it’s the only way. Because even though you might be DONE with college, the good stuff is just beginning.


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