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3 Ways Type B People Can Have Awesome Careers Too

3 Ways Type B People Can Have Awesome Careers Too

Yesterday, Billy and Martha were helping me set up my LinkedIn profile (I got my frat buddies to endorse me as an “ambassador of swag” like twenty eight times).  After like an hour, I got bored of trying to find a picture of me wearing a shirt with buttons,  so I went to read some of the articles they have on there.  And man, what a bummer. Like it was all this stuff about how to be “successful”, and what “successful” people do.  Like “wake up early, make a to-do list, prioritize.”  All this stuff that I am super not good at. Sometimes it feels like everyone around me is majorly Type-A. Like they’re all about networking and getting down to business climbing that corporate jungle gym or whatever.  What if you’re chill, like Type-B , but still want to be “successful”? I can’t be the only dude out there getting that vibe. So with that in mind, Woody Wilson presents:

3 Reasons Chill People Can Have Awesome Careersbeach party

1.)    Networking? Is That Like Partying?

So I’m not the best at spreadsheets or waking up before noon.  But I am TOTALLY the best at making friends – like good friends.  I just got a way with people, and every single job I’ve gotten, I got because my buddy hooked me up.  Chill people don’t get all overly eager when it comes to networking, so you never come off as like you want something.  That’s the best way to network – like, actually finding people you wanna hang with.

2.)    Failing Doesn’t Bug You That Much

I fail all the time.  Like fall on my face fail.  But I’m the kind of guy who lets that stuff roll off my back.  I think knowing how to move on to the next thing is totes vital for a great career.  And like, I’m so willing to try ANYTHING cause if it ends up failing, who cares? I’ll just do something else, right?

3.)    You’re Enjoying the Moment

My super ambitious buddies are always looking for the NEXT thing, the NEXT step up in their career.  No matter what job they’re doing, it’s always a “step” towards something like, cosmically large and amazing.  What about zenning out and being like ‘oh hey, this moment right now is pretty cool.  I like where I’m working and I want to do a good job.’ If you’re always thinking about how it’s gonna make you President of the Nutso Workaholic Society, you’re gonna drive yourself crazy.  Just take a breath. I’m great at breaths.   So don’t fret dudes and dudettes. Embrace what makes your chill so chill.  I think having a bunch of pretty good days all strung together is my version of “successful”.  Haters gonna hate – you do you, bros. friends hanging out

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