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Professional Work Attire: Intern Style

Workwear Stylin’ 101

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have a job (internships are jobs, let no jerks tell you otherwise).  And if you have a job, you probably have some kind of dress code.  Most of my peeps workin’ in the Capitol this year have jobs where looking “professional” is a big deal. That means suits, ties, pencil skirts (/shudder), and shoes that wouldn’t confuse your grandma. (“how do you get them on?)

Looking sharp is important, but I know some of you might find your style stifled by working the office job Monday through Friday.

Chin up, soldiers. Here are some quick, easy, and totally work-appropriate ways to electrify your wardrobe.


The Colorful Button-Down shirt

Plain white shirts or “I’m the man” pinstripes ain’t doing it in the 21st century, folks.  Show off your cool, young-professional style by grabbing a solid color shirt that’s a little off the beaten path.  My picks?

three different men's shirt ideas

Mauve Mist (real men do wear lavender).

Steel Grey (with a gray suit, you’re gonna look so sharp).

Light Grey-Brown (for warmer looks).

The Pocket Square Just Got Less Square

Man with pocket square

A pop of color in your suit pocket is an easy way to spice up an otherwise blah suit.  But you don’t have to settle for the old fashioned fold.  Here’s a link to some easy pocket-square designs that’ll give your suit some signature style.


Let’s Talk Shoes!

Shoes are the obvious vehicle to get you to best-dressed town.  While your “wowza” heels ain’t gonna cut it in the office, here are some comfortable alternatives that’ll still attract crippling style-envy.

1.) Kitten Heels – Low to the ground, comfortable, gives you that extra lift if you’re vertically challenged (like myself).  Pants, skirts, dresses – a low, comfortable heel is a must have.


2.) Decorative Flats – Make your flats the event of your outfit.  Bright colors, prints, studs or other bling-ring stuff.  Don’t let anyone tell you that a flat shoe can’t steal the show.

cute flat shoes for work

3.)  Oxfords – a personal favorite of mine.  With or without heels, oxfords are too cool for fall.  There’s no shoe that makes me feel more “yeah, I got this whole footwear thing figured out”.  Don’t be afraid to get a pair made for men – you’d be surprised how dude’s shoes can spice up a lady’s outfit.

oxford shoes for work

Women in suits is always a class act

diane keaton golden globesSpeaking of the menswear trend…
If Janelle Monae or Diane Keaton are to be believed (or worshipped, obviously), girls rock suits better than dudes anyway.  Get yourself a professional looking slim fit suit and watch the compliments at work roll in.  You’ll look professional, stylish, and like the woman-in-charge that you are.


Hope these tips help you look forward to breaking out the workwear every Monday.  I, for one, am rockin’ my electric blue skinny suit this morning. Gotta get some good use out of it before some poser like Lady Gaga goes and jacks my style. (I was wearing that Kermit the Frog poncho in freakin’ Middle School. She’s such a life ruiner).

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