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WISH Spotlight: University of Wisconsin Junior, Hugh Hudson
November 13, 2018
University of Wisconsin

My name is Hugh Hudson and I am a Junior at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I am originally from Monterey, California, so yes, the Midwest cold was a bit of a shock to experience for the first time. I am studying abroad for my Junior year at UW, having come to Washington D.C. this fall semester through the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Washington program, and am excited to be going to Bonn, Germany in the spring.

This fall, I am interning at Capstone National Partners – a lobbying firm on Capitol Hill. It was not my original intention to intern at a lobbying firm, but I am happy to have had an opportunity to do so and learn about the fundamentals of government and private sector relations. At Capstone, I have had the opportunity to work on research and proposals to secure funding for a research vessel for the University of Wisconsin system, as well as organizing events between an organization of former House chiefs of staff and Embassies in D.C.

I could not be happier with where I am living with WISH. The location, proximity, and living quarters itself could not be more ideal to me. I am currently living in a townhouse less than a block away from the Supreme Court with nine other students in similar programs.

Living in a shared-style townhouse has been amazing to meet other students from around the country and hear their different perspectives, all under the same roof. I still find it hard to believe that, even with a college budget, I am living in the heart of the neighborhood with Senators, Congressmen, Ambassadors, and high-ranking officials only a few doors down. I walked out of my WISH house yesterday to see Madeline Albright walking down the sidewalk!

I absolutely love living with WISH while working here in DC, and I am not looking forward to saying goodbye at the end of this program to my new friends and the best living situation I will have in DC for some certainly of time.

WISH is accepting applications for the spring semester.  Join Hugh, and the tens of thousands of our WISH alumni before him, by signing up with WISH and becoming part of something special here in Washington DC.

Go to InternsDC.com and fill out an application today.