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WISH Resident Discusses Real-World Experience
March 16, 2020
WISH Resident Discusses Real-World Experience

My name is Cindy Pena and I am a WISH resident from the University of Colorado Boulder studying Political Science and Economics. I have the honor of interning for the office of Congressman Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) as a Legislative Intern. Join me on a journey through my daily routine, learn about my real-world experience and the impact of my internship.

My Daily Routine

My daily routine at Congressman Perlmutter’s office presents a diverse range of responsibilities. I attend briefings to learn about a variety of issues before composing a comprehensive memo for a Legislative Assistant’s review. I attend subcommittee hearings to learn about pressing issues from industry experts or people with first-hand experiences. The Legislative Intern position that Congressman Perlmutter offers his interns is centered around learning the legislative process. It is about being informed and learning how to communicate that information clearly and concisely. Another aspect of my internship is constituent correspondence.

Real-World Experience

I expanded my understanding of the government and its function. Prior to this internship, I was equipped with the knowledge gained from classes and very little hands-on experience. I am now armed with real-world experience. I learned the complexities of government seeing firsthand the moving parts that ensure the Unites States function efficiently. My increased understanding of various buzzing issues on the Hill invaluable.

I  learned that Congressman Perlmutter is personable and caring more than I anticipated from a Congressman. He genuinely cares about the experience gained by Legislative Interns as well as the voices of his Constituents being heard. Congressman Perlmutter explained at a Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) event, how Representatives are placed into committees or subcommittees based on knowledge and experience when they are elected. The prominent thing I have learned is working in government is truly a noble profession. While it is not a perfect system, representatives such as Ed Perlmutter truly have their constituents’ best interests at heart.

Impact of Internships

This internship has had more of an impact than I had anticipated. I always knew I was interested in politics, which is why I decided to study Political Science and Economics. This internship has provided me with the applicable experience and helped define the ideal career path for me. I strive to learn every day where I would fit best and where I can utilize my expertise to its full extent. This has truly been the best experience for that.

I recommend an internship in government to anyone even remotely interested in the workings of government. I am a firm believer in the idea that there is no such thing as being too knowledgeable. Working in this atmosphere such as this internship has really strengthened my passion for learning about our country, its government, and its place as a world leader.