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WISH Interns Volunteer to Give Back to the Community
September 4, 2018
Volunteer to Give Back to the Community


Every semester, interns from around the world come to Washington DC to elevate their academics, bolster their career development and volunteer to help charities and causes. As National Charity Day approaches, WISH is helping interns find opportunities to pay it forward.

WISH believes internships change lives and the student interns at WISH not only learn about national policy, but also about themselves.  Recently, WISH interns from The Ohio State University gave back during their summer semester by volunteering to eradicate invasive weeds at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and serving at a local D.C. soup kitchen.  The students even blogged, DC with a Cause, about how rewarding volunteering can be to “explore and connect with the community.”

In other charitable endeavors, WISH students helped Woodley Park raise enough food from its can food drive to feed 40 families last semester as well as provide 30 sets of bedding to families with the purple heart.

As the fall semester of WISH interns settles down to begin their internships, students want to show their appreciation by giving back to the community.  Fortunately, Washington DC is one of the leading metro areas in the nation for volunteer work with millennials making up nearly a third of the volunteer corps.

If you are interested in volunteering in the DC area, you can visit www.volunteermatch.org.  WISH staff are available to help you choose what charities or causes that fit your passions for volunteerism and giving back to the community.

Share with us on social media your moments of volunteerism over the course of your semester.

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