Woody Wilson

Woody Wilson was born in Santa Barbara, CA, and spent most of his young life dreaming of being a snowboarder, surfer, or both (seasonally). But once Woody got to college, he noticed that he was basically the best at helping people with stuff. Need to get your bed onto or off the roof? Check. Need a totally stellar wing man for the Phi Kappa Epsilon party? Check. Need someone to drive you to and from the hospital after you tried bungee jumping off the Science Building? So check. Woody knew he would make the best public servant ever, so he applied to intern in Washington and BAM, check it, he’s totally here. Woody enjoys throwing awesome parties for his fellow interns (hit him up for the address, dudes and dudettes), and is always down to clown. He’s stoked that Martha asked him to do The WISHington Post – she’s a cool chick, and he thinks her glasses are funny.

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