Truman Wosnak

Truman is a really cool guy ready to write some super cool stories for you!! JK, he’s kidding. He’s definitely not that cool, but then again, it’s pretty cool to admit you’re not cool, right? Truman is interning at a congressman’s office where he spends as much time as he can doing data-entry. Truman's goal in writing about social events for The WISHington Post, is to show how many awesome things you can do all by yourself. Why wait for your friends to get their act together? Who needs ‘em? Hope you’re ready to have a great time flyin’ solo –it’s the only way to live! When Truman isn’t writing for The WISHington Post, working, or going out with his totally hot girlfriend (haha, I’m kidding), he’s playing World of Wizards, watching ASMR videos on Youtube (love those tingles), or arguing with total strangers online about which movie Batman was the best (trick question, Adam West is the best! Haha!) He’s really bad at responding to email and texts and phone calls, so if you try to contact him, he might not get back to you for a really long time.

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