Martha Warrington

Editor in chief — Grew up in the small farming town of Marmakaukis, OH, an all-American Midwestern gem, known for having both the most prolific tabloids and friendliest sows. The journalism bug bit Martha early: she published her Elementary School’s Weekly Newsletter, which was eventually shut down for including semi-scandalous but entirely accurate stories about her sadistic P.E. teacher's personal life. Martha spent her early college years interning at her local paper, and has now moved to D.C. to intern for a very prestigious publication you probably haven’t heard of. Martha started The WISHington Post single handedly, in order to deliver the news and stories interns like her needed to know. While she realizes The WISHington Post is an astoundingly quality publication and possibly revolutionary not only for D.C. journalism, but for the world at large, she is resistant to any praise you might bestow on her. She did this for you – for the people. (But if you absolutely MUST submit a letter of appreciation, you can contact her at…)

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