Jeron Andrews

Jeron Andrews loves food. He loves making food, eating food, eating food that he’s made, etc. When he was a baby, he arranged the cheerios on his high chair table to form a Fleur-de-lis, and on his first day of school, he criticized his mother’s “lack of presentation and stifled flavors” when it came to his packed lunch (sorry Mom!). Jeron started cooking classes when he was in third grade, and quickly discovered the miracle ingredient: cheese. His signature style always includes a dash of dairy (or a dollop…or a slice…or a brick), and he is super excited to report that his first original cookbook “Cooking Isn’t Hard! It’s Cheesy” is nearing completion and is still seeking a publisher (so uh…if you know anyone…). Currently, Jeron is interning with White House catering, and is thrilled to be bringing intern-friendly recipes to The WISHington Post! A quick shout out to his personal heroes: his mom, his dad, whoever thought of Top Chef and Julia Child. He hopes Julia’s spirit knows that The Joy of Cooking has lain under his pillow for half a decade. (And no, before you ask, he doesn’t have neck problems.)

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