Hillary Kawahara

Hillary Kawahara is currently interning for a very cutting edge design and branding firm, but it’s kind of underground and super low-key so you probably haven’t heard of it. Before her internship, Hillary lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (but like, not the bougie part) and curated “The Collage of Hearts and Sciences”, an Instagram that catalogued pictures of people’s iPods next to their half smoked cigarettes. Before that, she received national attention for her experimental sculpture installation: “Coke Head” showcased musicians wearing soda cans as headphones, and simultaneously questioned commercialism, capitalism, socialism, communism, mercantilism, our dependence on technology and genetically modified food. When she’s not designing or consuming the best of pop culture, Hillary can be found at a local vintage shop, a soy ice cream truck, or on Tumblr, still posting about how “Inside Llewyn Davis” got snubbed at the Oscars.

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Becoming Your Own Boss Entrepreneurship Workshop The millennial generation is leading the baby boomers in entrepreneurship. According to Fortune magazine, millennials start their own business at an average age of 27, and…

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