Eleanor Rose

A native of Berkley, CA, Eleanor Rose spent her early years up against the system, trying to institute a “Green Peace” society in her Fourth Grade classroom. Her keen aptitude for leadership continued through her schooling. She created the office of “Recycling and Anti-Fracking Administrator” at Barnaby Clinton Prep, an office she held through seven years of uncontested elections. Eleanor regularly volunteered at her local animal shelter, local Boys and Girls Club, local YCMA, local Senior Center, local soup kitchen, local beach-clean up, local food bank, local Church (of which she was not a member), local Synagogue (not there either), local Buddhist Temple (nope), and local “Opossums for Patients”, a charity dedicated to both bringing animal buddies to the bedsides of sick children and to strengthening the image of the vastly misunderstood vermin. Eleanor currently interns with a monumentally inspiring non-profit that is always accepting donations. She would like to thank her Mom, Dad, Step-Mom, Step-Dad, Step-Brothers, twelve of her aunt and uncles, all eight of her grandparents and all thirty seven of her cousins, not only for continuing to compost and for installing those water-conserving shower heads she insisted on, but also for their unconditional love and encouragement! When Eleanor isn’t writing for the Post, she can be found canvassing, walking 3-legged retired show ponies, or playing with one of her four beautiful, profound cats: Ginger, Mandella, Nader and Fuzznut!

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