Edison Lafont

Edison LaFont was raised in a very reasonably priced home in the suburbs of Rhode Island. His parents, two Data Analysts who worked in a large gray building, had exactly two children in order to assure their progeny would contribute to the planet’s input and output remaining steady, perhaps with a small, timely increase, coinciding with territorial expansion, the digitization of previously analog systems, and a larger series of mitigating factors which seem too laborious to include in a “brief bio”. Edison built his first circuit board at age twelve, followed by a rudimentary computer at age fourteen. Throughout his childhood, he won many minor scientific achievements at so called “fairs”(he is aware the terminology now seems outdated), and would eventually be admitted to MIT, which he calculated as the place he was most likely to A.) be adequately challenged academically, B.)experience social maturation in line young adult standards and C.) be professionally prepared post-graduation for a life in the data field. Edison is currently interning with the Census Bureau, currently combing through personal data and looking for patterns. He supposes most people in his situation would report they are “learning a lot”, but Edison realizes such an assertion would be both sycophantic and false. His job is adequate, and he is very fond of the other employees, especially Mo, the afternoon custodian. On Tuesday nights, Edison can seen at District Blackout’s Open Mic night, performing some of his favorite witticisms – otherwise known as “stand up”.

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