Chelsea Evara

Chelsea Evara (her friends call her “Che”!) was born in idyllic Portland, OR. She absolutely LOVES her internship, co-workers, housemates, friends, boyfriend, dogs, mom, dad, grandma, college professors and postal workers (hi Greg!!). Chelsea spent High School as the resident School Spirit Advisor, and became interested in writing professionally after her inspirational essay “You’re a Big Fatty Loser and Other Things We Say to the Mirror” won the coveted “Silver Unicorn” for “Most Emotional” in the prestigious Oregon Dreamers Junior Essay Contest. Chelsea, now college-aged and interning with a super inspirational non-profit, dreams of becoming a motivational speaker or even the speech writer for the White House (eeek, how cool would that be?!). During her downtime, Chelsea enjoys making flower crowns, jamming on her ukulele, and taking motorcycle road trips with her besties (she loves her Harley!). She hopes everyone’s internships help change the world, for the better, of course.

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