Billy J. Clanton

Billy J. Clanton is thrilled to be interning in the Capital for the twelfth and a half time this year. (The half accounts for the internship he was technically passed over for, but showed up to anyway. He worked there for 2 weeks before being found out: proof that initiative is really what gets you places!) Billy has been interning since was legally allowed, and has, to date, revised his resume upwards of 1,563 times. A natural born networker, Billy can be seen at most (if not all) social events in D.C., and often carries an extra wallet just to hold all the business cards he picks up. President of his class, chairman of his Young Politics Society, and beloved Resident Advisor, Billy is very proud of his “go-getter” personality, and is thrilled (but not surprised) to have been asked to join The WISHington Post team. When Billy isn’t at a networking lunch or furthering his career, he’s sleeping. He’s kidding. He doesn’t sleep.

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