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WISH announces new WiSE program

WISH Housing announced today the launch of its Washington Intern Study Experience (WiSE), a work experience program modeled to accommodate and advance a school’s affordable and inclusive priorities through student internships in Washington, D.C., leading to higher retention rates to a degree and job.

“Internships change lives, but unfortunately too many colleges and universities don’t possess the infrastructure, resources or network to send their students to D.C. for a semester,” said Jacqueline Lewis, founder of WISH.  “Our WiSE program breaks down these barriers, empowering school officials seeking to bolster their students’ academic performance, career development and future employability in our nation’s capital.”

WiSE is a program that’s offered by WISH, the leading intern housing and residential life services provider in Washington DC. WiSE integrates student housing, on-line/on-site classes, intern placement and career development within a modular program that meets every school’s academic, affordable and inclusion priorities.

WiSE is currently accepting applications for DC internships beginning in the fall semester of 2018. As part of the WiSE program, students will reside in WISH housing, located on Capitol Hill among a community of their peers. Additionally, the WISH/WiSE Foundation Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to participating schools to make the program inclusive to all, regardless of financial status.

“We’ve designed a student-centric, D.C. internship program that’s affordable for every student who interns through WiSE,” said Lewis.  “We’re affordable, because of our 25 years of D.C. know-how, our network of 25,000 alumni, our government and non-profit connections, and our second-to-none student housing on Capitol Hill.”

Lewis added that “WISH works with colleges and universities around the world providing thousands of DC interns student housing for the terms needed; fall, spring, summer or all year. Faculty housing, classrooms, conference rooms, and reception rooms are available for WISH residents’ needs. Historic venues for alumni receptions and fundraisers are available for schools. This is our foundation for launching our WiSE program,” Lewis concluded. 

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