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Why It’s OK To Ask For Help At Your Internship

Being a dedicated intern usually means you take on a little (or a lot) more work than you can handle. This is totally understandable. You have been given a golden opportunity to prove yourself and make a lasting impression, so it is only natural that you want to go above and beyond.

One thing you need to remember is that you are an intern, and you are not expected to know everything. Yet, for some reason most people (both interns and seasoned professionals) simply don’t, or won’t, ask for help at work.

Why is this? Well, one of the biggest problems is that asking for help is often perceived as a sign of weakness. This is particularly true for you as an intern as you might be afraid your boss will think you aren’t able to do your work on your own.

This is not the case! In today’s world, there is strength in numbers and the best way for you to be successful at your job is to ask for help from people you can learn from. Don’t believe us? Here I will give you 5 reasons why you should ask for help at your internship.

ask for help: female intern in a business meeting1. Shows You Are Willing To Learn

Asking for help shows you are ready, willing and eager to learn. Like I said, you are an intern so your boss does not expect you to know everything.

This is a time to learn and develop new skills. By asking for help from others with more experience than you, you will be able to do just that. It also shows your boss that you have the confidence to ask for help when you need it and that you want to make sure your job is done right.

2. Allows You To Make Great Connections

Asking for help in your internship is a great way to get to meet new people. You might end up working with people in your company that you would never have had the chance to meet otherwise.

These connections could prove to be really valuable when you are looking for a job in the future. It may be that they give you a stellar reference for a job your apply for, or put you forward for a position they know is available.

3. You Can Learn From The Best

If you ask a superior for help and work closely with them, there is a good chance that person could become a mentor for you. Every intern should have a mentor!

Why? Having a mentor will allow you to get some great support and learn from someone with years of experience. They may also be able to help you through stressful times in your internship and offer some guidance on the path you should take in your career.

4. Get New Ideas and Different Perspectives

Asking for help from others can bring a fresh perspective and some new ideas to a project. These ideas could make it more successful than if you worked alone.

You know what they say, two heads are better than one, and having more brains on a project will only make it better. You never know what amazing idea someone else could have up their sleeve!

ask for help: team of workers brainstorming5. Shows You Are A Team Player

Asking for help will also show you are open to working with other people and can work well as part of a team. Being a team player is super important for employers.

You will more than likely be working with a lot of other people throughout your career. Asking for help will show you like working with other people. It will also allow you to become more of a team player and gain valuable experience working with others.

My tip to you guys is to bite the bullet and ask for help. You never know what amazing opportunities it could lead to.

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