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Why Cultural Enrichment Matters To Your Career And Where To Find It In D.C. 

Why Cultural Enrichment Matters to Your Career and Where to Find it in D.C. 

Why Cultural Enrichment Matters to Your Career

It has never been more important to think inclusively and globally in the workplace. Embracing cultural diversity expands your views, knowledge and makes you a better leader. It’s a little like jelly beans. You have to taste new flavors!

Businesses and organizations in all markets and industries recognize the benefits of a culturally enriched, diverse workforce.

If you want to make it in today’s career pool, become more culturally enlightened.

Lucky for you, you’ve come to right place. When it comes to culture, D.C. has really got it going on. Washington is the center of American History, where you can explore culture like nowhere else.

Why Cultural Enrichment Matters in Your Career

This is why cultural enrichment matters to your career:

Cultural enrichment enhances your perspective and gives you a competitive advantage.

New perspectives spark creativity and drive innovation. When it comes to your career, you need this in order to better work within a team setting. You must be able to share and bounce ideas off of one another with a keen sense of respect and understanding. Plus, team players are at the top of any manager’s mind when it comes time for promotions.

1. Cultural enrichment makes you more of an asset to your employer.

When you have a well-informed workforce, it brings a certain edge to an organization, especially when expanding into new, multicultural markets. Your boss and all your future bosses understand that and see the value.

So, educate yourself so that you become one asset that no hiring department can refuse.

2. Cultural sensitivity and insight improves your ability to target your market.

If you are in marketing, media or PR, and your team is stuck in a rut when it comes to reaching its intended audience, your market specific knowledge and cultural understanding might just be the key to breaking through. When you understand the nuances of multicultural communications, you can develop more meaningful ways to reach diverse groups of people. 

3. Culturally-enriched people are seen as the “smart” hiring choice.

In our competitive global market, businesses are investing in and fostering a multicultural, inclusive environment lead by well-informed candidates. They are looking for talented, globally minded candidates to take their businesses to the next level.

4. Cultural enrichment matters to your career because it’s what businesses are looking for.

Every market, regardless of industry, benefits from a wider viewpoint.

Companies are hiring talented, ambitious and globally minded professionals who appreciate the opportunity for personal and professional growth within our fast-changing economy.

So, where can you begin your journey of cultural enrichment in Washington D.C.?

This city offers such an array of nationally-known and locally-loved cultural venues and programs that your biggest issue is going to be finding the time for all of them.

Here are just a few places you can visit to kick-start your culturally diverse journey:

Cultural-Enrichment National-Air-Space-Museum

Smithsonian Institution

It’s the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex with a mission to shape the future by preserving heritage, discovering new knowledge and sharing resources with the world.

Exploring these museums exposes you to the richest source of culture and history in Washington, all in one area. From seeing the Wright Brothers plane and a Moon rock, (Air & Space) to Archie Bunker’s chair, The Smithsonian spans the impact culture has on our society. And it’s free and super fun too!

National Museum of African American History and Culture

This is the hottest ticket in DC. Everyone is talking about their experience here. A key point of this museum’s mission is to help all Americans see how their stories, their histories and their cultures are shaped and informed by global influences.

Grab a ticket and go. Insider tip: Go in the afternoon when crowds lessen, and they may let you in at that time.

National Museum of American History

Explore the richness and complexity of American history. This museum aims to help people understand the past in order to make sense of the present and shape our future. Here’s where Dorothy’s red slippers landed and dresses worn by our First Ladies can be seen.

Cultural-Enrichment National-Museum-of-American-Indian

National Museum of the American Indian

This museum is dedicated to serving the public as an honest and thoughtful conduit to Native cultures, both past and present, in all of their richness, depth and diversity. Understanding leads to compassion and progress.

US Holocaust Museum

Many young people who did not experience WWII will be moved by what they see here. See film and exhibitions that will help us all remember why embracing cultural diversity is so important.

National Museum of Women in the Arts

From Frida Kahlo to Louise Bourgeois, get to know the art created by women. There’s over 4500 works from more than 1000 artists. This is the only museum devoted to art created by women.


The National Gallery of Art is also here.

Art is a wonderful way to explore other cultures across hundreds of years. Might learn a little history too!

Cultural enrichment is the key to our future as a global society, as well as to your career advancement. Tolerance and understanding are essential to your success in any setting, no matter your chosen field.

Immerse yourself in the exchange of differing ideas, beliefs, rituals, customs and traditions with a diverse group of people.

It’s all part of the life-changing experience of a semester in DC!

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