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What Is Unique About Internships in Washington, DC
April 21, 2020

The start date for Summer internships in Washington, D.C. is just around the corner. WISH is here to provide you with the Top 5 reasons YOU should Intern in Our Nation’s Capital.

  1. Networking

The majority of jobs are filled through personal connections created by networking. Networking and internships in Washington, D.C. can provide you with the references and referrals needed to secure job opportunities. The saying “Who you know, is better than what you know.” is very true.

This is why an internship in D.C. places you in a unique position to make lasting connections with many professionals in your field, and other industries. Washington, D.C. internships have a proven track record of providing interns with endless job opportunities. The job opportunities extend across the U.S. and the World.

  1. Opportunity
    Washington, D.C. is not just “Our Nation’s Capital” through politics, it is also improving experiential education and is known for the capability of bridging the gap between the classroom and the workforce. Our Nation’s Capital is the perfect gateway to your first internship/job before and after post-secondary education completion. Opportunities include:

    • Experience, knowledge, and networking relationships that interns gain by coming to DC.
    • A first-hand look at the operations of the U.S. Economy and Political System.
    • Endless opportunities in communications, international affairs, law, education, nonprofits, think tanks, and the private business sector.
    • A structured, educational environment where higher learning students can thrive.

  1. Career Growth

The workforce often promotes from within. For example, students can start as interns in congressional offices and consistently be promoted. Interns are provided with qualified chances after a few months of moving up to a Staff Assistant. Then, from Staff Assistant to Scheduler and from Scheduler to Legislative Correspondent. The progression is quick, and the opportunities are endless. Internships prepare you for careers across all fields and interning in Our Nation’s Capital can be the beginning of your future successful career endeavors.

  1. Culture

Washington, D.C. is home to those from countries all around the world. This provides interns with exposure to several cultures and the opportunity to meet and interact with a very diverse group of people. Interns are also granted access to some of the most historical museums in the world, along with limited access to U.S. governmental buildings (i.e. U.S. Capitol, The White House, The Supreme Court, The Pentagon, and FBI Headquarters).

  1. Career Hub

Washington, D.C. consistently ranks in the Top 5 of U.S. cities for job growth and creation. That is exciting news for students who will be jumping into the job market soon because you want to be in a place that has jobs available, 192,174 job openings to be exact. If you intern in Washington, D.C. once your internship is completed, the workforce is yours to take on full force!

Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) looks forward to seeing you in Our Nation’s Capital Washington, D.C. this Summer! Your WISH experience starts HERE!  Apply for housing now at InternsDC!