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Welcome to WISH!
May 29, 2018
Welcome To Wish

Welcome to WISH!

We asked four summer semester WISH interns, who just arrived in DC, what they’re hoping to accomplish over the summer.  Our four students are:

  • Magen Bentley, 21, University of Alabama. Interning for Hilton Hotels.
  • Christina Del Greco, 21, University of Notre Dame. Interning for the National Cancer Institute within the National Institutes of Health.
  • Libby Wiet, 19, The Ohio State University. Interning for Senator Dick Durbin.
  • Colton Stratton, 20, Westminster College (Salt Lake City, UT). Interning for Senator Orrin Hatch

We asked each intern to answer one question, and their answers offer the hope, enthusiasm, and drive that explains how the WISH experience changes lives.

WISH Question:  We wanted to ask you what you’re hoping to achieve as a DC intern?  Is it to gain job experience, learn networking skills, work in a major metropolitan city, or is it to expand your academic experience with life experiences, or is it something else?  We’re interested in knowing your expectations for a successful DC internship at WISH

Magen Bentley 

I am so excited to be heading back to W.I.S.H. this summer and am so thrilled that you considered me to be featured on the welcome blog, it’s a true honor.

What I’m looking to get most out of my summer internship experience is to gain more job experience and expand my network in the D.C. area as I want to end up here after graduation. I interned here last summer and just couldn’t stay away! I’m interning within a hospitality organization, with no previous background in hospitality, yet because of the valuable networking and communication skills I learned as a marketing intern last summer, I’m confident and ready to begin this new journey. I’m hoping to end the summer having gained the proper job skills that will allow me to excel in my senior business classes upon returning to school as well as prepare me to work efficiently in the hospitality industry in the future.  @Magen_Elaine

Colton Stratton

I am very excited to get to DC and start my internship. It’s going to be a very exciting summer with great opportunities. I am looking forward to learning the in’s and out’s of our nation’s capital and meeting with the men and women who lead our government. @c0lestratt0n.   @_cstratt_

Christina Del Greco

This summer, I’m hoping to gain valuable scientific research experience that will help me be better prepared for graduate school (I’m applying this fall!), as well as to start discerning where I would like to do research in the future—I’ve had experience in academic settings, but I’m really excited to see what working in a government-run research lab is like and how it compares to the other labs that I’ve worked in!

Libby Wiet

As a DC intern, I’m hoping to have experiences that open my eyes to currently unknown possibilities and open doors to my future. I know I am interested in politics and policy but do not know how that will affect my future. I hope that interning and living on Capitol Hill will clarify my interests and start the ball rolling on my professional career!

What’s keeping you from finding your dream WISH internship this coming Fall Semester?  Apply today and begin your special journey to Washington DC and turn your passion into reality.

Go to InternsDC.com and become part of our special WISH family today.