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Thrifty Gifties on an Intern-Sized Budget
December 19, 2018
some thrifty gift ideas that everyone is sure to love

Relax! We know gift-giving is not exactly in your intern-sized budget right now. You can’t put a price on the spirit of giving, though, which is why we’re here to help you keep it classy without breaking the bank.

Here are some thrifty gift ideas that everyone is sure to love.

What’s even better is that you’ll love the price tags.

Or, with the gift of your time, create a thrifty personalized gift.

For interns leaving their jobs, you can leave a mark behind your boss or newfound friends will keep and use.

Make the Thought Count

You can stretch your money way further if you put more thought into the gift. This means thinking about the person, remembering who/what they love and talked about, then choosing something related to it. Stop obsessing about the cost and think about the person.

It will be personalized and affordable because it is the thought and message that matters the most. This is the kind of gift that people cherish.

Good examples are:

  • Handmade items: Buy a knitted hat or tie and add some sequins, sports patches or pins
  • Personalize wine glasses or coffee mugs: Get pens that write on glass and draw inspirational quotes, a person’s name and seasonal graphics. The artwork does not have to be perfect.
  • Baked goods wrapped up nicely
  • A thoughtful book on a subject they like
  • A DVD you know they don’t have
  • Themed socks on a subject of interest, like dogs, cats, sports, TV shows or destinations. Try sock drawer.com and find something for literally everyone. At $8 a pair, go wild!
  • A gift for the dog they cherish: try this website for socks for dogs!

These gifts require more of your time than money, which is what makes them so thoughtful!

Check Out the Sales

You can find a ton of bargains this time of year. Choose gifts that everyone is going to enjoy, but you do not want them to have a cheap feel or seem less thoughtful than they should have been. This time of year, sales are always happening. When you see something that is elegant or thoughtful and is being sold at a fraction of it’s original price – grab it!

Create a Themed Basket

Baskets are not only a great gift to give and receive, but they can also be extremely thrifty. The giver can choose the specific items that go with the general theme – these are just a collection of small items that can be purchased at affordable prices if you shop around.

Some themed basket ideas:

  • Chocolate and coffee: who doesn’t love that combo?
  • A spa day at home: Soap, a pumice stone, lotions
  • Movie night: popcorn, a DVD, cozy socks
  • Healthy eating: small cookbook, spices, socks
  • Pets: toys, sweaters, treats and doggie socks
  • Literature: A new book by a favorite author, a book light, and of course, socks!

These are gifts that the recipient can enjoy for months to come. Be creative, it doesn’t have to cost a bundle.

Buy in Bulk

If you’re going to be doing a few different baskets or buying for a large group, purchasing items that come with a few of the same products, such as a pack of mugs or chocolates, can save you money. You’re purchasing only one package of the item but able to spread these items across all the baskets that you’re putting together. This is definitely a thrifty move.

If hideously ugly sweaters cheer you up, check out our post for some lulus!

Stick to the Office Budget

Don’t try to go above and beyond when it comes to having a budget that the office designated. You need to come close to it, but you don’t have to show off. Choosing a present that is likable and usable can be enough to give the gift that needs to be given without having to worry about purchasing a hundred dollars’ worth of stuff because you’re afraid they might not like the original gift.

Being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap.

You can totally keep it classy on your pint-sized paycheck.

You just have to be smart about your choices and remember not to obsess about how much money you spend. It’s always the thought that counts.

Happy Holidays from The WISHington Post Team!