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Things To Consider And Explore During Your Internship/Job Search

Things to Consider and Explore During your Internship/Job Search

It is never too early to get a head start on your knowledge of the company you are pursuing. Why you ask? This shows ambition in your employer’s eyes that you are all about business and increases your chance of obtaining a permanent job in the near future. Or even better, connect you to an even better opportunity and gain positive references when applying to other companies if you did great work under the current employer. With that being said, here are things that should be on your notepad when researching jobs and internships:

  • Company vision & mission: What are the goals of the company? When this question is asked, you want to know the company’s business. Meaning, what are its objectives and its approach to reach those objectives. There is not just one way to reach this goal. Working in a team, everyone could have different ideas but will eventually reach this goal. That is where team compromising comes in to play.  What is the vision of the company? A vision statement describes the desired future of the company. A vivid image of what you and your employers want your business to be at some point in the future, based on your goals and desires. Components of mission and vision statements are often combined to provide a statement of the company’s purposes, goals and values. If the company is publicly traded, these statements can be found with public filings as well as online on the company’s website!
  • Personal experiences and goals: What is the job description of the position? With this, reviewing your resume and knowing your own personal work experience will give you a decent idea if this company is right for you. Have you done this type of work before? Do you have work experience for the position? Do the company values fit the values you believe in? All these are rare but serious questions that you should ask yourself before considering taking the position. Finally, what are your personal goals while with the company? Do you plan to grow professionally with this company? Is this just a pit stop until you reach your ultimate goal in your career? Not everyone has intentions on staying with a particular company for a long period of time. Sometimes, one job is just lay-off time until you get that big position elsewhere. Every applicant intentions are different when applying, it is just best to get this understanding with yourself before you ever work your first day.
  • Company benefits: This is a serious and most important issue when applying for jobs/ internships. For a job: Is there a good amount of vacation time? Paid time off? Increase in pay with extended amount of time with the company? These are questions any interested candidate will ask and want to know. But more importantly, these are questions that people with kids/ a family will want for a beneficial personal life. With company benefits, it’s an understanding between an employer and employee that as long as you perform in your environment at a high level, you will be rewarded exponentially. It’s a give and take advantage that you can capitalize on.
  • Retirement options: In the grand scheme of job searching and making the right choice, 401K is the least worried thing on most young college graduates mind, yet the most important. When job searching, you want to find the right company that values your future plans to retire at a reasonable time and at the same time you’re putting away the necessary money to ensure your 401K is looking healthy by the end of your career. Personal planning is important because it determines your satisfaction with your retirement lifestyle. Financial ordinance is vital because

These are just a few steps you can take into looking in a company that will ensure if you are a great fit or just another applicant for the position.

Because of WISH’s presence in Washington and the relationships that have been fostered over 25 years, WISH can be an excellent resource for your internship and/or career search. Join us for Career Night on February 7, 2019 to learn from WISH alumn about their internship experience and how they launched into their successful careers in Washington, DC.

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