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The Amazing Story Of You
Honesty Really is the Best Policy

The Amazing Story of You

In The Basic Patterns of Plot, Foster-Harris contends that there are only three main storytelling plots in the world. Which is probably why we seem to see the same thing on television and at the movies over and over again, but that’s beside the point. The entertainment industry is always looking for different ways to tell the same stories.

So too must you, where tens of thousands of people are all going for the same handful of jobs. Your challenge is to figure out a way to tell the same story – in this case YOUR story – in a unique and cool way so that you stand out for all the right reasons.

Here are some examples of creative and snazzy resumes to help you do just that:

pinterest logoPinned Interest

Pinterest has often been called a “living resume”, where many people use it as a virtual portfolio. And Sarah Gubara, a PR manager, took it seriously. She made that living resume something she could actually make a living off of by using it as a way to showcase her accomplishments on behalf of her clients.  She not only got points for creativity, but  a job to go along with it.

More Than Just Eye Candy

Speaking of creativity, this person took the time to turn his resume into a chocolate bar —which was enough to sate the appetite of the employer who hired him. As a bonus, this resume ended up going viral and was viewed over a million times on Reddit. Talk about finding the golden ticket in a candy bar.

Design Intelligenceinfographic resume

Not to be outdone by the magic candy bar resume, Chris Spurlock, a student at Missouri, designed a resume that looked just like an infographic. It was featured on HuffPo College and tweeted more than 5,000 times. After the post received tens of thousands of page views, The Huffington Post ended up hiring Spurlock as its Infographic Design Editor.

Dear Instagram

University of Penn student Alice Lee decided to use Instagram for something other than just posting pictures of cats. She used it to post her resume. But not just any resume–An Instagram Resume. It earned her a call from Instagram’s founder Kevin Systrom, which eventually led to an internship and her resume being written about by Business Insider among many others.

Honesty Really is the Best PolicyInstagram-logo

This one doesn’t really fall on the creative side of things, but it bears repeating here precisely because of that. It’s the lack of fluff and loads of honesty that won over numerous employers in this unapologetically honest cover letter to Wall Street from an undergrad who got (mostly) rave reviews – and a job. Now, you might be asking why this bears repeating. It’s because in a topic about creative resumes, sometimes it’s good to highlight just plain honesty. And as a recent grad, this might be your best policy. That’s not to say you should try to win over employers by penning a Greek tragedy  – it’s still important to show your accomplishments – but being authentic about what you can and cannot do can be more impressive than that time you deflected that asteroid from Earth

who am I?TMI

Friendly reminder: according to Forbes 37% of employers actively employ social media as a way to screen prospective employees. This means you want to make sure your social channels are free and clear of anything that might be inappropriate or paint you in a bad light. Remember, you want to use social media as a way to promote your personal brand, making it work for you, not against you.

If you haven’t noticed, the theme of the day is creativity. It’s in how you market yourself and how you carry yourself. And with so many recent grads looking for fewer jobs, using your knowledge of social media and your inherent creativity and enthusiasm can help you get a leg up on the competition. Your uniqueness is your best asset. Tell your own story.


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