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Starting Off In DC As A WISH Intern
We hope your semester is going great.

Starting Off in DC as a WISH Intern

Many of us still remember the excitement of graduating from high school and beginning our college journeys. All of the emotions, memories, experiences, and people we met have led us to where we are and who we are today. As a WISH Intern, we embark on a new journey in the nation’s capital that will be filled with countless experiences and memories to come. Washington DC truly embodies the American Dream – and you can see and feel it with all of the opportunities, experiences, and connections surrounding us every step we take.

My name is Tommy Pastor and I am a Junior at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando, FL. I am working towards attaining my major specializing in Public Administration and Political Science with a minor in Leadership Studies. During my three years at UCF, I have been fortunate to have many roles, experiences and job opportunities/internships. From being a member of the orientation team, being a resident assistant, being involved in Student Government, and much more; I have had many diverse experiences that have led me to where I am today. Yet none of the experiences can quite match what this journey in DC will be like.

Personally, some things that I am excited about at my internship as the Events and Hospitality Coordinator at WISH is the opportunity to meet and network with students across the nation working in departments, agencies, and organizations all across Washington DC. I look forward to exploring the area from the National Harbor, National Mall, and even walking through the White House, Pentagon, US Capitol and wherever else I end up.

We all once dreamed of being where we are today, and we all worked really hard to make it happen. Now is the time to savor the experience, grow personally and professionally, network with as many professionals we come across, and enjoy the good times that come.

I remember coming to DC a handful of times for different conferences over the past year, and each time thinking of how nice it would be to live here for a little while. Now, that time has finally come.

My advice for interns in DC and any interns at that is to learn to talk with everyone in the office, department or organization you work at. Network and make meaningful connections, you never know who might be able to help you one day.

You can and will do great things this semester. That I truly believe. Remember to enjoy each day and every moment. Make meaningful relationships everywhere you go.

I hope this spring semester is full of success, growth and incredible experiences and memories for all of you. Best of luck!

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