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Is Facebook Screwing Up Your Job Search?
September 29, 2015

Have you created the perfect resume and optimized your LinkedIn profile to the max, yet you still can’t seem to catch a break? Maybe it’s time to look at your social media accounts.

We Live In A Social World…

According to Jobvite, more than 9 out of 10 recruiters will check your social media profiles before they consider hiring you. What’s online, stays online, so if they spot any red flags, you won’t be getting a call any time soon. 

Some social media sites (like LinkedIn) offer amazing opportunities to make valuable connections and find jobs. But did you know how you act on other social media networks (such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) can also impact whether (or not) you get your dream job offer?

Wondering what these red flags are? Here are 4 ways you may be tripping yourself up online…

1. Bashing Your Employer

So you hate your job/boss/co-workers? Tell your friends, not social media. First of all, no one on social media cares. It’s not going to add anything to their day knowing your jobs sucks.

More importantly, in an interview you are on your best behavior, so prospective employers look at your life online to find out what you are really like. If they see you’ve been bashing your current job or the people you work for, this will be a major red flag. It’s unprofessional and if you’ve done it once, they’ll think you’ll do it again.

2. Being A Negative Nancy

Being negative gets you nowhere, especially online! No one wants to work with people who dampen the mood and drag other people down.

Being a complainer on social media will give the impression you’re a complainer in your day-to-day life too. When (not if!) a potential employer checks out your profiles they will pick up on this and it will be a black mark on your application.

If you absolutely have to share a job related experience on social media, put a positive spin on it.

3. Posting Inappropriate Content

Now this one really is a no brainer, but you’d be amazed at how many people still think it’s okay to leave those spring break shots as their profile pictures. Facebook and Twitter may be more personal social media channels (compared to LinkedIn), but it doesn’t mean your future boss won’t look at them before they hire you.

They will use anything they can to help make their decision. If you have inappropriate pictures or statuses/tweets (about how you skipped work early to make Happy Hour) you probably won’t be getting the job. If you’re on the job hunt, do yourself a favor and clean up your social media profiles.

4. Neglecting The Rules of LinkedIn

Sometimes rules are designed to keep you safe. Too many people treat LinkedIn like it’s a popularity contest and think connecting with everyone and anyone will lead to success. Actually, the opposite is true…

You need to use LinkedIn strategically. Connect with people you know and some who are leaders in your field. Post updates, articles, share and comment on others.

It shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes a day. If you are active within the area you want to work, it can really pay off. Join groups, comment on published posts and links, build relationships, and try to make a name for yourself. Out of sight, out of mind. Stay visible.

Check out “The Secret Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn” and “How To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile” for some more LinkedIn tips.

Making even the smallest slip up on social media could have a huge impact on whether your resume is moved to the top of the pile or tossed in the thrash. Keep this in mind the next time you think it’s a good idea to complain about your boss on Facebook.