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Gratitude and Motivation
November 25, 2014
Gratitude and Motivation

It’s a bittersweet fact of life that nothing lasts forever.  Including your internship.  If you love it, you’re sad to see it coming to an end.  If you don’t love it…well…

Listen up!  This Holiday season, it’s time to reflect on the positive and give thanks for the blessings in disguise that come along with our work opportunities. Even if you can’t always see the good through the mountain of work piling up on your desk, we promise it’s there!

1.) You Get To Test-Drive a Career or Company!

Instead of imaging your internship as a long, stressful job interview, think of it as a learning experience. This is the time where you’re expected to dip your toe into whatever company you’re working for.  Really pay attention to how you like being at the company, doing the work you’re doing and learning what you’re learning.  This is an experience to learn what you like and don’t like, which is such a freeing feeling.  You have an opportunity to get to know yourself better.

2.) You Can Meet Mentors or Friends!

Hopefully your internship program has a mentorship plan in place.  If they don’t, your supervisor might give you the mentorship you’re looking for.  If that doesn’t happen, your fellow interns might turn out to be the support system you need.  If you meet even one person who makes a difference in your life, your internship or job is worth its weight in gold. Real friends – especially friends who you like working with – will be important to you years after you’ve left your current company.

3.) You Can Face and Conquer New Challenges!

Harsh deadlines, huge spreadsheets, massive amounts of phone lines, a coffee maker that never seems to work right – these are just a few small challenges you’ll face at your internship.  The bigger challenges?  Maybe a nasty co-worker, or a bad boss, or a fear that you’re not cut out for whatever you’re doing.  Challenges only make us stronger, and the more of them you face, the faster you’ll grow.

Do you have an unlikely story of job-related-gratitude to share?  Let us know!  And have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!