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WISH Partnerships Lead to Students Opportunities.

For decades, WISH has partnered with colleges, universities, and foundations by
providing a living and learning community on Capitol Hill. WISH meets the objectives
of its partners with a flexible platform from which you
can take as much or as little as you need.


Schools benefits from having a Washington DC internship
program and the students need the home campus support.

Some benefits for schools are:

  • Engagement of Alumni
  • A Washington DC Program adds to a school’s reputation and legacy
  • A Washington DC Program is a recruitment tool for prospective students

What Our Partners Say

“Your gift to the Washington program will have a lasting impact on our studenst.”
-California State University, Northridge
“Your investment has had a lasting impact..enabled us to expand
academic offerings, provide support for students scholarships,
financial aid awards and travel stipends.”
-University of Albany
“This work would not be possible without your
generous support.”
– Arizona State University

WISH Delta State U. Case Study

• Delta State University Grad 2019
• There was not a formal program at DSU
• 2017 – WISH intern
• 2017-2018 on Campus: Governmental Affairs Committee
• 2018 McNair Scholars Program-Washington DC: Prostate Cancer Research Fellow
• 2019: Now Works for CVS Health Corporate
• Delta State now sends 2 students a year to WISH internships


Contact the WISH team about WISH Housing or Internship
placement assistance for your program.

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