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Mastering Time Management Tips For Interns

Mastering Time Management Tips for Interns


No one ever has enough time, especially this time of year. And, as an intern, time flies by at supersonic speed. 24 hours just doesn’t feel like enough.

Juggling it all can be overwhelming, exhausting, and super stressful. But there are things that all of us can do to master time management and make life a little easier.

Rumor has it that all we need is a handful of good habits, and we’ll have time management in the bag.

Here are some tips to master time management from those who have survived succeeded as an in intern before us.


Write stuff down

Keeping things in your head causes a steep rise in stress levels. At night, when you have things to do running around in your head, you’ll never fall asleep. Write it all down.

Think of it like Dumbledore’s Pesieve.

Now you can relax knowing you don’t have to remember it all. It will all be there the next day.

Mastering Time Management tips

Prioritize your work

Kick Monday to the curb! People underestimate the power of being able to choose important things over those that are not quite so important. A lot of times people choose the easier things to do first, which are not necessarily the most important things.

In fact, getting the hardest thing done first works better.

Knowing you have a big job ahead is more stressful. Get it done early. Know due dates and stick with them when prioritizing and scheduling tasks.

Take your Pensieve List and prioritize what you must do, would like to do and what can wait.

Multi-task – or not

Multi-tasking is a critical skill. For those of us who are able to juggle several tasks at once, mastering this can be a good thing. Eating a sandwich and reading the news is doable.

The downside is you might do less-than-superior work because you’re not well focused, or you may not be able to finish any one task because you’re doing too many at once.

Sticking to doing one thing at a time is definitely more productive.


Keep your morning routine the same

This might seem like a weird one, but once you find something that works, stick with it. Some people meditate for a few minutes, do some stretches, read the news or enjoy a special coffee. No matter what, don’t add anything stressful into this routine. Put your clothes out the night before and pack your carry bag.

Looking for your keys can disrupt your takeoff and cause unneeded stress.

It sets the foundation for the entire day! This is what gets you up and running. Make the most of it.

Just say “No” to procrastination.

It’s so easy to become distracted by our phones, computers, televisions, and social media. No wonder we are all over the place. By being able to turn off those social media sites and get back to work, you have a better chance at being more productive. Give it a shot!

Relax. It will still be there when you finish what you need to do.

Schedule enough time

So often, we find ourselves with too little time to complete something that is way too big. This is a huge red flag. If this happens to you regularly, rethink how you schedule time. We all want to get it done faster, so we commit to doing it in less time than we really need.

Once you overcome this trap, you might even finish early and have some time for yourself! Your stress level will drop too.

Mastering time management will make you a rock star at work, in school, and for the rest of your career. Use these tips to conquer your day, reach your goals, and knock the socks off your employer.

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