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Life On Capitol Hill

Life on Capitol Hill

A lot has happened since I arrived and began my internship four weeks ago. I have followed a Senator on the short walk from my front gate into our office building, almost physically run into a TV political commentator, and mastered getting up at the latest possible minute to get to work on time. This city may feel big, but it is incredibly small. 


Also, when I say short walk, I mean REALLY short walk. Each morning I walk out the front door at 8:50 to make it across the street, through security, and in to my office with time to spare. I have been here for more than a month and still cannot believe I live where I live. I mean, seriously, look at this view. The street I live on actually dead ends in front of the Capitol and Supreme Court two blocks from my house. 


The fact that I am living here right now feels unreal. I have always been someone who plans ahead. I have actually been planning my junior year semester abroad since I was in high school. So naturally, I shocked myself when I decided to come to D.C. this summer on a whim. Now, I really cannot express enough how happy I am that I did. 


I have been interested in politics and policy since the 2008 presidential election but never thought I would actually work in the heart of the federal government. Honestly, I really did not realize that I could. I never could have imagined being given the opportunity to intern in the office of my home Senator, who I respect and admire, and get to observe the legislative process first-hand. 


Our office is in the Hart Senate Office Building, the newest of three Senate office buildings. Interning in the United States Senate has provided me with incredible experiences. I sat in the Senate gallery and witnessed a successful roll call vote. I will never forget hearing all the names called, watching everyone vote, and seeing many Senators wait on the floor for the result. I have also seen multiple Senators deliver floor speeches and even Senator Duckworth bring her baby girl on the floor to vote. 


I have also seen many Congressmen in hallways, on the subway, and in the Capitol. Speaking of the subway, it runs every 90 seconds, connects Hart, Dirksen Senate Office Building, and the Capitol, and is my favorite part about working here. I’m kidding, of course. I get to watch history in the making and help contribute to it which will always (at least slightly) beat out the Capitol subway.  


I greeted a Senator as she walked past the constituent tour group I was leading through the Capitol and saw my favorite Congressman in the tunnels below the house office buildings. I have also attended numerous committee hearings, legislative briefings, and lectures. Although I am slowly progressing through my time as a Congressional intern, I still cannot believe I am here. 


If you have dreams of seeing Congress in action and being a part of it, GO FOR IT! 

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