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Larry David and Bernie Sanders: Two No-Nonsense Guys
December 20, 2019

What Larry and Bernie have in common:

Larry David has been winning big lately on SNL as perfectly impersonating beloved Senator Bernie Sanders as he runs for president. More than just looks and a rumpled suit, the two actually share several stark similarities:

  • They both grew up in Brooklyn, NY
  • Are Jewish
  • Have thick New York accents
  • Are only a few years apart in age

Plus: they definitely haven’t let fame change them—they like to keep it real. If Sanders ends up winning the election, we hope David gets a permanent spot for his hilarious skits. Here, some more facts you may not know about the two long lost…doppelgangers?

Bernie Sanders

  • Has an older brother is named Larry (who is also a political activist)
  • Like David, he has also been on film. He had a cameo role in the film Sweet Hearts Dance and My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception, playing the role of a rabbi, and on TV, playing alongside David in SNL.
  • Bernie has joked in an interview recently with Anderson Cooper that, “Here’s the scoop, I am Larry David.”
  • Like David, he likes to communicate what he’s passionate about. He once held a filibuster where he spoke on the Senate floor for eight straight hours in an attempt to reverse the reinstatement of the Bush-era tax cuts, which later was transcribed and made into a book.
  • Sanders is no rookie to the limelight, even outside of politics. Similar to his film debuts, he dipped a hand in music as well. In 1987, the politician recorded and released the folk album We Shall Overcome. We can’t make this stuff up: Listen to it right here

Larry David

  • Long before Seinfeld was born, Larry worked as a store clerk, limousine driver, historian, TV repairman and bra salesman. Like Sanders, he knows how to keep it as real as it gets.
  • David has history with SNL. He worked as a writer on the show from 1984 to 1985, although only one of his sketches got aired.
  • He loves movies set in high school, even films like Mean Girls and Degrassi.
  • Unlike Sanders, he has never made an album. He even says he prefers doing crossword puzzles or listening to music to relax.
  • David is also a serial liberal – he was known to support Obama during his campaign. We sure do hope he will be voting for Bernie as well (you know, since he is him and all).
  • And to celebrate this fun comparison, may we direct you to the incredible SNL skit, which we thought really was Bernie for a minute!

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