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Lack of Experience May Cost College Graduates Job Opportunities
August 14, 2018
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Lack of Experience May Cost College Graduates Job Opportunities

College graduates are seeing more job opportunities thanks to a growing U.S. economy. A recent CareerBuilder survey of employers showed an uptick of optimism by employers when it comes to hiring college graduates.  However, the survey also showed that graduates are shooting themselves in the foot and costing themselves good career opportunities due to a lack of experience.

According to CareerBuilder:

“While the majority of employers say academic institutions are adequately preparing students for roles needed in their organization (82 percent), that doesn’t necessarily mean graduates have the job-seeking skills needed to land the job. Employers said that over the past year, more than half of recent college graduates:

  • Didn’t send a thank you note: 37 percent
  • Didn’t know anything about the company: 35 percent
  • Didn’t submit a cover letter: 31 percent
  • Didn’t ask any questions in the interview: 29 percent
  • Didn’t have professional references: 26 percent
  • Had poor grammar on their resume: 26 percent
  • Had unprofessional pictures on their social media profiles: 21 percent
  • Checked their mobile phone during the interview: 19 percent”

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Click HERE to read the CareerBuilder survey.