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Why Interns Should Grab a Job at The Smithsonian Museum
December 15, 2015
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As 2016 rolls in, you may be planning for your next internship. Make it count by building resume cred, making lifelong connections, and following your interests. The many museums in DC are a wonderland of opportunities!

Why should you spend your next semester interning in DC at one of the many museums? WISH got the inside scoop from Eric Woodard, Director of the Office of Fellowships and Internship for the Smithsonian. And he ought to know. Eric has interned in DC himself and worked with the Clintons in the White House and Senate before coming to The Smithsonian. Read his resume here

Where do you start? Determine your passions.

The Smithsonian Institution alone has 19 museums and research centers. All Smithsonian internships are real-world learning opportunities guided by a mentor where each day brings a different experience. Woodard says there is never a typical day for an intern while working at the Smithsonian because of the various tasks you may be asked to do on a daily basis.

At this seriously amazing museum, you will find everything from aviation to zoology. There is a department for every possible interest, so what’s yours?

Do you like art? There’s an internship for that.

Are you interested in anthropology? There is an internship for that.

Are you an animal lover? There is an internship for that.

Is music is more your style? The Smithsonian has an internship for you too.

You can work in any department, taking care of pandas, caring for national history collections or researching funk in musicology. It’s up to your interest, your desires, and your overall career goal. Here, you will get as much as you give.

Why should you choose the Smithsonian for your internship?

Not only will you have fun while on the job learning new skills needed for your career path, but you will also network with some of the greatest professionals in the DC area.

The Smithsonian is dedicated to increasing and diffusing knowledge for all. Connections and mentors are all around. Woodard said, they have a diverse and deep array of experts, and know their interns make great connections that can make a difference in their future careers.

The Smithsonian internships are now open! Different departments run on different calendar cycles, so be sure to check the application deadline dates when you are applying. Check out the Smithsonian Institution fellowship and intern site to find an internship that is your perfect fit. Grab one now and have a seriously amazing intern experience.

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