WISH Welcomes Fall Interns with Crucial Tips for the Best Internship Experience in DC

By Patrick Slevin| September 5, 2019

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WISH welcomes our hundreds of WISH housing interns preparing to hit the ground running this fall in Washington, DC.  We have crucial tips for the best internship experience in DC, which is nothing less than life-changing:  If you leave DC only with intern work experience, then you haven’t had the ultimate DC experience that will carry you in your career pursuits after graduation.

This is not to say securing a DC internship on Capitol Hill, the White House, federal agencies or non-government organizations is no small achievement.  It is! No doubt that your internship will bolster your resume and give you an edge in many job opportunities.

However, there’s much more to experience, engage, and accomplish during your internship in DC such as networking, employment seminars, WISH interns community forums and experiencing the sites and exhibits.

WISH wants you to return home empowered and energized for the rest of your life.  Here are previous WISH blogs and crucial tips for the best internship experience in DC from our staff and prior WISH interns to get you ready for the rest of your life:

Making a Good First Impression on Your First Day

Despite your first day nerves, it’s crucial that you make an excellent first impression. To help you guys out I’m sharing some of my top tips for surviving the first day of your internship.  If you follow these five tips, I’m sure those first-day jitters will disappear in no time.

  • Dress the Part
  • Research
  • What to Bring
  • Ask Questions
  • Ignore

Once you’ve survived your first day, you can really get working on being the best intern ever.

WISH’s 10 Tips for a Successful DC Internship

Successful WISH D.C. Internships change lives!  Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?  As WISH prepares to welcome the new arrival of interns, we wanted to share with you and them, 10 Tips for a Successful WISH D.C. Internship.

  1. Treat Your Internship Like a Job Interview Every Day
  2. Network, Network, Network
  3. An Internships is What You Make of It
  4. Get to Know Co-Workers Outside Your Department
  5. Submit Your Projects Early
  6. Get to Know Other Interns
  7. Stay Up to Date on Your Company News
  8. Write Down What You’ve Learned as It Happens
  9. Offer to Help Other Interns When You Complete Your Assignments
  10. Ask for Feedback Regularly

The Power of Networking

As a professional in the business world, your knowledge of networking is probably the next biggest thing next to your actual work experience! Why is that? I’m almost sure you have heard the old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” but that goes so much deeper than just knowing next person. Networking and the power of networking comes with interacting and the growth of your relationship with those people. How you keep in touch, communicate, and help one another out creates the most out of your networks.

Employment Tips: Using Your Internship Experience to Advance in the Workplace

Young working professionals are all about making the most dollars they can at any chance. Of course, you will never start off making the max amount of dollars in your field straight out of college. However, some steps can be taken to get to that personal goal. Keep in mind that it will not happen overnight, but it will have you grow not just within your company, but with your inner self as well. If the above information alone isn’t compelling enough, we have compiled a list of reasons ways you could use your internship experience to advance in the workplace and your career.

Transitioning from College to Career

It’s not a secret that college students would love to live the young adult lifestyle forever. It can be challenging to transition from a college student to working professionally for recent college graduates. Some just have a degree with no job in sight. Some have a great job in place and struggle with the adjustment process.

Interns Giving Back to the DC Community

As the fall semester of WISH interns settles down to begin their internships, students have the opportunity to show their appreciation by giving back to the community.  Fortunately, Washington DC is one of the leading metro areas in the nation for volunteer work with millennials making up nearly a third of the volunteer corps.

If you are interested in volunteering in the DC area, you can visit www.volunteermatch.org.  WISH staff members are available to help you choose what charities or causes that fit your passions for volunteerism and giving back to the community.

Museums and Exhibit Highlights of Washington, DC

After living here a little over a month, I have seen some incredible museums and exhibits highlights in Washington, DC. My camera roll is crammed mostly with photos of art and artifacts. As difficult as it was, I selected some pictures which show some of the highlights of exhibits and museums. General information about these museums and exhibits highlights in Washington, DC is at the end of this post.

(Photo by Jamaal Whitehead)

WISH has been working with student interns in DC for over 25 years, and we know what interns need to thrive while here in DC interning, as well as when they go out into the workforce. The rest is now up to you.  Good luck and we are here to make your journey the best it can be.

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