WISH Spotlight: University of Wisconsin-Platteville Student, Brett Hedeman

By Kory Calhoun| January 30, 2019

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Who knew a small town guy would make it in the nation’s capital?!

Born and raised in the second oldest city in Wisconsin, Brett Hedeman is a native of Prairie du Chien. He’s currently in undergraduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville where he majors in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. Devoted to his leadership and excellence, Brett was nominated to The National Society of Leadership and Success

Brett served as part of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Student Senate; advocate and representative for the students in the College of Engineering Science and Mathematics. While being a school representative, he was very active with campus Inclusion and Diversity Forums. These were ongoing forums that highlight the needs for further inclusion and diversity within the college campus community. Working with these forums, Brett was able to create ideas to help make his campus a more safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

Brett currently has two years remaining in his undergrad years.

Brett shared a few of his thoughts about WISH and his experiences with the team.

“So far WISH has been a great company. Not only to work for, but to live with as well,” Brett said. “Every morning, I wake up and look out my 6th-floor apartment window to see the beautiful United States Capitol and Supreme Court. Talk about a great view! Aside from that, within my first two weeks, I have already formed amazing friendships with people and have diversified my social interactions. Learning more about new people from different places and cultures has made this experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Post-graduation, Brett has aspirations of finding a full-time job working in one of the many areas that interest him: business, marketing, and politics. His intern position with WISH allows him to collaborate and work closely with many people. He’s also retaining aspects of the company to learn more about business first hand. “I get the joy of planning and coordinating all of our student involvement events for the duration of the semester.”

WISH is always accepting applications for both the spring and fall semesters. Like Brett, you can apply and one-day have the opportunity to discover new experiences here in the nation’s capital.

Go to www.InternsDC.com to fill out your application today!

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