3 WISH Alumni Speak Out to Help Future Interns

By Patrick Slevin| November 6, 2018

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Students looking for a DC internship often begin with a Google search and a prayer.  Three Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) alumni offer their time-saving insights on finding the right DC internships at an affordable cost.

They share not only their best DC intern experience, but the skills and opportunities gained that have served each of them well beyond their semester interning.  Check out their video directed to students who hope to follow their journey of success. Share this blog with your fellow students and help spread the word about how WISH is the best destination to begin your DC internship.

WISH Alumna Amber Mariano was elected the youngest state representative in the history of Florida.  She credits WISH with helping her find her professional path that began in DC.


WISH Alumnus Nicholas Waters credits his DC internship for helping get the fellowship that has brought him back to DC, and he is still a junior at Delta State University.


WISH Alumna Dina Awshah just completed her internship.  She has a special message to current and future students hoping to intern in Washington DC.

Why rely upon Google and strangers on the internet?  Visit WISH and fast track your DC internship today, and become part of our family, community, and culture of success.

Go to www.InternsDC.com or call us at 202.548.2720 for more information.  Scholarships are still available for the next semester.

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