Choose WISH for the Ultimate D.C. Internship Experience

By Jean-Marie Leonard| April 3, 2019

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Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) has become known as the destination for the ultimate Washington D.C. internship experience. WISH believes internships change lives and the student interns at WISH not only learn about national policy but also about themselves.

Here are the 9 main reasons why WISH is chosen by students, parents, and schools:

  1. WISH is affordable for students, parents, and schools!
  2. WISH has the largest real estate portfolio of fully-furnished row houses, townhomes, and apartments in the Nation’s Capital!
  3. WISH features safe and active-student communities 24/7/365!
  4. WISH partners with colleges and universities providing D.C. interns housing every semester!
  5. WISH offers the Washington Intern Study Experience (WiSE), an integrated program of academic credit, internship experience, networking and intern-focused community, extending every Florida school’s footprint throughout the Nation’s Capital!
  6. WISH offers FREE weekly activities such as networking, speaker events, tours and more!
  7. The first day, interns are immediately plugged into WISH’s national network of alumni exceeding more than 30,000 former students and growing!
  8. WISH alumni are on hand to mentor and guide WISH interns with not just career development, but also sharing their insider knowledge of Washington D.C.!
  9. It takes less than 5 minutes to secure your slot for the next semester and begin your exciting journey to a life-changing D.C. internship experience in Washington.

Because of these reasons, WISH is considered the leading intern housing and residential life services provider in Washington D.C.

“The fact that WISH was able to help me realize my dream and bring me one step closer to my goals is something I am extremely grateful for.”

-Dina Awshah, University of South Florida

WISH has amassed an impressive real estate portfolio of row houses, townhomes and apartments at or near Capitol Hill, accommodating thousands of college interns cycling into the nation’s capital every year.  Operating in over two dozen properties, WISH is more than a conduit for schools, but a DC-based business that’s well networked, contributing to the community.

“This process was made easier by WISH, who provided housing, roommates, a neighborhood with dry cleaning, groceries, and other facilities close by. It really made moving to another city so far away from my home in Texas ten times easier.”

– Dylan Bohn, Texas A&M University

Part of the experience of living with WISH is meeting other interns just like you. We host free events, special guest speakers and outings that bring our intern community together. So many of our interns tell us they made friends for life and built their professional network while living with us. You can too!

So what are you waiting for?  WISH is So Affordable That You Cannot Afford to Miss This Great Opportunity!


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