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How To Search For Internships: Top 5 Free Apps And Websites
December 23, 2019
Need a Job? There's an App For That!

Greetings my esteemed readership. Summer is fast approaching and for those of you who firmly have your eyes on your career, that means it’s time get working on securing your summer internships.

If you have already started looking for an internship my guess is that you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed? Am I right? Of course I am!

Never fear my friends, I’m here to show you how to search for internships.

I’ve analyzed and tracked the abundance of apps and websites out there that can assist you on your internship search. There are a lot of great apps and websites, but with all of them vying for your attention it can get very overwhelming!

Lucky for you, I always have my analytical cap on and I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best, and completely free, apps and websites to help you find internships.

1. Internships.com

With over 100,000 internship listings, internships.com is the quintessential website for interns. It could be described as a comprehensive internship search engine, but it is so much more than that.how to search for internship

This website allows you to search for internship opportunities by preferred location, your college major, job category or by company. It even lets you know if the position is paid, full-time or part-time, and if it requires college credit.

This site features additional resources too, such as tips and stories from other interns, and internship interview and job advice.

Whatever you do, be sure to register and get an account for complete access to all of the great tools this site has to offer. When you register you can create a profile and upload your resume so you will be easily searchable to potential employers. You will also be able to get suitable internships sent right to your email inbox.

Pro tip: Use the websites “Internship Predictor.” This tool will match you up with internships based on your personality and references. 

2. InternMatch.com

InternMatch.com is also a big player in the intern job seekers world. It has listings from 30,000 companies for both internships and entry level jobs (for up to two years after graduation).

The website also features a blog and other helpful resources, such as job seeker or industry guides. There is a forum too, where you can ask for help and advice on everything from internship applications to interview tips. If you really need to, you can even complain about your internship to people who know exactly what you are experiencing.

Another great thing about this website is it’s easy search option, which lets you filter internships based on your location and interests. It also lets you search by whether you are seeking an internship or graduate position. You can go a level deeper too, by searching for positions by company, location or your major.

3. Experience.com

Experience.com is a highly regarded website that is exclusively personalized to fit your needs. Simply enter your interests, location and school to see what internships are available in your area. online job search

Experience.com is also brimming with great career articles, job listings, and numerous filters to specialize your search.

The real power of this website is its connection to colleges and universities. As, many third level institutions use Experience.com as a platform for their students in to find internships, it offers many benefits depending on your school, such as job fairs in your area and connections with local employers. 

4. UrbanInterns.com

If you are looking to hone your skills at a small growing company, then urbaninterns.com is the ideal site for you.

Urban Interns is a site dedicated specifically to connecting small businesses with people seeking part-time jobs, internships or freelance positions. It offers four kinds of internships: part-time, paid, unpaid, and virtual/freelance.  

Any user (job seeker or employer) can search jobs or search for interns without registering, but to apply for a job or contact an intern, you have to be registered.

5. SimplyHired.com

Simplyhired.com really does live up to it’s simple name. Imagine this website as a job search engine: A Google-like search engine for jobs, that allows you to quickly assess a huge number of jobs that are filtered to suit you. All you have to do is enter your desired internship and location, and this website will provide you with a list of opportunities that match your search.

Simplyhired.com pulls together opportunities from all around the web, including direct employer websites, news sites and job boards, so it makes the tedious internship search process a lot easier. It even has a great feature where job listings display a user’s LinkedIn connections to each job, so make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to scratch!

There you have the 5 completely free apps and websites to get your internship search well underway. Once you know the type of internship you’re looking for and the city you’d like to intern in, these sites will make the search process a whole lot easier for you. Happy searching!