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The Highest Paying and Coolest Internships in America
July 25, 2017
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The value of an internship runs much deeper than the dollars that hit your bank account.

That’s a good thing, too, since many internships pay very little (if they pay you at all).

The social benefits for interns are widely talked about and are a great way to network. Company events are fun ways to meet other interns and explore the city you are interning in. Oh, and let’s not forget ping pong and of course, endless food!

There are a handful of the highest paying and coolest companies to snag a job with.

Interns who worked at these high-paying companies spoke about how they were included in meetings and that their opinion and work was valued.

Here are the ones at the top, according to Glassdoor:


Is anybody surprised that the Facebook intern program is ranked #1 in America?

They’re paying a whopping $8,000 per month to their interns, not including the seemingly endless perks that go along with the gig.

Said fringe benefits include things like unlimited free food, transportation, and more. The open culture and amazing mentors make interning here more than just about money.

All of that aside, imagine how you’d jumpstart your career with Facebook as the first entry on your resume? It’s a big deal.

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As an intern at Microsoft, you’ll be making slight less than Facebook, but it’s still an impressive $7,100 per month. If you are hoping for a career in software, it doesn’t get better than this.

The Microsoft internship program is designed for freshmen and sophomores. It is a 12-week rotational internship, and we are talking world-class mentorship here.

Every team member is treated with importance and interns get to work on substantial projects, not bring coffee to those who do.

As one intern said…

“In my experience Microsoft finds the right balance between nurturing you and pushing you outside of your comfort zone. Resources are definitely available, but by no means do they baby you.”


At ExxonMobil, you’ll be starting out at an average of $6,507 per month. They hire interns in engineering and economics who will get a taste of what it’s like to work in a long-term entry-level position with a global energy company.

They offer excellent benefits, and the program has received extremely positive reviews. Interns are taken seriously, and their contributions are highly valued throughout the organization.


Interns at SalesForce work on real projects that serve the company and its clients. So, as you might expect, “FutureForce” interns earn every penny of their $6,450 monthly salary.

SalesForce is another powerhouse that will really make your resume shine later in your career, and beyond that, you’ll have access to several sweet side perks, like talent development courses, job shadowing, and more. One intern said:

“Each day I have felt that my opinions are considered, my work is trusted, and my creativity is encouraged.”

The employees at Salesforce are invested in your career and are always looking to find ways to help you succeed.


Amazon has grown so rapidly in recent years that it’s hard to imagine what life must be like as an employee of this company. Needless to say, you should probably only go for this gig if you prefer a very high-energy, fast-paced environment. Your reward? $6,400, which rival’s Apple’s average intern pay at the same amount.

One intern said: “ From orientation presenters to team members to panel speakers, people at Amazon emphasize this aspect of being customer-driven.  Another interesting aspect of Amazon professional culture is its openness within the company. 

No matter the career field you hope to pursue, a high-octane internship program will be a boon to your future success.

Here in Washington the majority of those are in politics, but the point to be made is the same: the right internship can ignite the career of your dreams.

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